Digital security systems are another way to protect a home and family.  As technology expands and evolves, security systems do a fantastic job of keeping up. The digital variety of security systems offers a solid layer of protection to a household.


Dissecting Digital Security Systems

  • Digitial security systems rely on high-speed networks. The connection allows for fast alerts and speedy functions.
  • One of the greatest upsides to digital security systems is the ability to access transmitted information from the system. The power to check on a home from across the World or across the street leaves everyone feeling more secure.

Digital security systems are sometimes referred to as IP-based systems because they rely on high-speed networking to function. Via secure systems, a network of cameras and sensors ensure that your home or business is never left unattended. The systems can transmit alarms, video images, and still photos anywhere you desire.

  • Another advantage over analog is the fact of storage. With a digital security system, a homeowner can store footage offsite to view later, or for a monitoring service to observe instantly.
  • Digital Security Systems are nearly entirely tamper-proof. In case of an emergency, the footage is kept securely for law enforcement and personal viewings. With no lines to cut, digital outdoes older analog systems in terms of long-term security.
  • The compacity to remotely change camera angles, security codes, or merely panning while viewing a live stream is something homeowners do not get with a retro security system.
  • Lastly, the image quality of digital security systems is far better than an old-school analog. In order to ensure safety and diminish threats, having more precise views of activations leaves everyone feeling safer than fuzzy images delivered with older systems.

Brands and Benefits

  • Ring Alarm – A starter kit comes with a hub, an interactive keypad, and two sensors. Full automation is possible through Ring Alarm from doorbells to smart smoke detectors.
  • SimpliSafe –  SimpliSafe is an easy to use digital security system. It requires only a surface for the hub to rest. The system does the rest from security live monitoring to sensors that detect everything from intruders to flood waters.  
  • Vivant – Vivant is typically professionally installed for those without the time to do it themselves.  If full-automation is the plan, Vivant is compatible with other automation such as thermostat and doorbell.
  • Nest Security – The Nest brand, is known for the easy installation process. The DIY project approach to arming a home with a digital security system saves money while being independent to monitor their own homes.
  • Abode – Aboding is able to boast when it comes to their starter kit. The DIY installation comes with everything required to set up a digital security system that is compatible with smart devices.


Worth Consideration

  • How many cameras are needed?
  • How important is HD quality video?
  • Is SIM storage enough or is local required?
  • How much is in the budget for a digital security system?
  • Does equipment need to be compatible with other automation devices or smart devices?

What is also worth considering is a monitoring service. Protect America charges nothing for installation and quotes. They also are the constant eye with 24 hours a day, seven days a week monitoring service. Protect America is the proud winner of Consumers Digest Best Buy winner nine times.