Despite falling crime rates, home security systems are becoming more common in homes across the country. There are a few statistics that can explain why. In the US, over 2 million burglaries occur every year with 75% of those being residential, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program. According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 13 seconds. And The New York Times reported that the average loss reported in a burglarized home was lower in homes with a security system than in homes without. However, some people may have a home security system that they’d like to disable for some reason. Read on to learn how to disable your Brinks home security system if needed.

Who bought Brinks Home Security?

How the Brinks Home Security System Functions

Brinks Home Security systems include a variety of sensors and devices designed to trigger an alarm and alert a monitoring station when there has been a home invasion or another crisis such as a fire or flood. A control panel or a smartphone app is used to arm and disarm the system. There are different settings for arming the system when the home will be empty and when it is occupied, at night for example.

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    If your system detects a breach, there is a 40 second period during with a security code must be entered before the alarm is triggered. If the alarm is triggered, there is a 20 second period when the alarm can be cancelled by entering the security code and pressing CANCEL.

    Alternatively, you can wait for a call from Brinks if the alarm has already sounded and a Brinks’ operator will help you cancel the alarm.

    What are home security zones?

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    A Guide to Disabling the Brinks Security System

    Looking to disable Brinks Home Security System? Three of the main reasons you might want to disable your brinks system are;

    • You’ve already canceled your account with Brinks.
    • The system has a malfunction.
    • False alarms or intermittent beeping.

    Whatever your reason is, we present you with a guide to disabling your brinks security system safely and efficiently;

    • Shut off the System: For this, enter the master code. Some issues may render the keypad unresponsive to the usual arm/disarm and other commands.
    • Locate the Main Panel: Usually, the panel is positioned in a closet or a utility area. In the metal box are the control circuitry, and a backup battery. It may be connected to the keypad and other components of the system either using cables or wirelessly.
    • Remove the AC Power: You can remove the AC power by unplugging the low-voltage transformer usually plugged into the wall and close to the main control unit.
    • Open the Metal Box: Proceed to open the enclosure using a key. If yours is an all-in-one unit, be sure to separate the front face from its base. A flat head screwdriver will help get them released.
    • Disconnect the Battery: The last step is to locate and disconnect the battery. The standard security systems have a unit resembling brick resting at the base of the enclosure. And if it’s an all-in-one panel, unplug the battery from where it connects to the main circuit board.

    Your system should now be powered down completely and silent.

    Monitored Home Security vs. Non-Monitored Security Technology3

    Is an unmonitored home security system actually secure?

    Some people install a security system without having it monitored. This means that whenever the alarm goes off, there may be a slow response, or even no response at all.

    At Protect America, we recommend monitored home security system. With it, the moment the alarm goes off, the security system will relay a signal to our monitoring system. In turn, the monitoring system alerts you and the authorities. And the best part? Our professionals monitor your home 24/7.

    Monitored security system serves as an extra layer of a deterrent to criminals. The sight of a Protect America sign anywhere on the property is enough to scare away many potential burglars. However, signs aren’t enough to stop everyone and a quick emergency response is one of the most important factors in protecting homes and families.

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    Invest In a Monitored Security System and Keep Your Home and Family Protected

    Many home security companies require a professional consultation and professional installation of equipment. But with modern wireless equipment, most components can be installed without extensive technical knowledge or even tools. As result, many companies are adopting what’s called a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach to home security. These companies preset up your system and ship it to you. Then, with the helped of a trained technician, you’ll install your system yourself. This approach can provide all of the protection of a traditional home security company but with much less hassle and cost.

    If you’re interested in a DIY system, consider Protect America. Established in 1992, Protect America takes pride in being one of the most reliable home security companies in the country. Protect America offers all of the devices you’ll need to secure your home from entry sensors to flood sensors. With and excellent reputation for customer service and super fast monitoring response times, you can trust Protect America to protect you. Our commitment to protecting families and homes with our monitored home security systems is unparalleled. We’re a direct-consumer company, ship the equipment and guide you through DIY installation via the phone. Get a free quote from Protect America.