Despite the steadily declining crime rates, homeowners are more concerned than ever before about home security.

Further, the technological progress is changing what ’s possible, which implies an increased functionality of the security systems.

The Future of DIY Home Security Systems

The do-it-yourself home security systems are on the rise thanks to the low cost of security systems, simple installation and ease of operation.

According to Business Insider, DIY security systems will have taken over 34% of the home security market by 2020. And by 2035, DIY security systems will have taken over 62% of the security market.

DIY home security systems have a bright future when it comes to home security thanks to the flexibility and convenience they offer consumers. So what does the future of DIY security systems look like? Here, we’ll look at;

  • Drones
  • Smart Detectors/surveillance

Drones for Home Safety from Above


In the future, your home security will no longer start at the front door but the perimeter fence. Polymer coated fences will detect when an intruder attempts to climb over and alert the rest of the home system.

Homeowners will use low-flying drones to scare away the burglars before they can even make it to the front door. Besides, families will launch the drones from above the house to track the movement of the trespassers as they try to escape.

What’s more, homeowners will be able to use indoor drones ready to respond to all emergencies and scare away intruders. The drones will do more than provide security in that they’ll carry out other unimaginable tasks like feeding the pets.

Smart Detectors/Surveillance

As technology advances, the smart home systems will only get better and better. Soon, motion-sensor cameras will be able to distinguish between the pet you’ve left your home and an actual thief trying to break into your home.

Even better, the next crop of smart home security cameras will integrate environmental factors like temperature, air quality and vocal recognition sensors. These sensors will be intelligent enough to learn the different contexts that happen in your home based on the time of the day and season.

Pros of DIY Home Security Systems

Less Expensive

DIY home security systems are less expensive since once purchased; homeowners will not require a professional to install. What’s more, there are no additional expenses since do-it-yourself home security systems allow you to monitor your home without the help of a professional security monitoring company.

Highly Portable

For renters who are likely to move any time, DIY home security systems can be beneficial. You’re under no contractual obligations, and most of these security systems are wireless meaning you can uninstall it without much hassle and after that re-install it to protect your new home.

Cons of DIY Home Security Systems


The possibility of Errors during Installation

True, DIY home security systems might be great for those looking to save on their security investment. But the installation requires a good knowledge in the computing and security industries. Errors during the installation will only expose your home to break-ins and other risks.

Lacks Connection to Police

While a DIY home security system will cost much less, the package comes with few add-ons. It has no 24-hour security monitoring meaning that in the event of an emergency like a fire breakout or an attempted break-in, police will not be notified. And that is the primary benefit of a monitored security system over an unmonitored security system.

Monitored Home Security All the Way   

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