Are you a DirecTV customer who is interested in home security? In a lot of people’s minds home security starts with security cameras. It is possible to you use cameras with your DirecTV DVR to record security footage, but does DirecTV have security cameras? Not exactly, but the answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no.

At one time DirecTV did own a home security company that offered home security cameras. In 2004, Lifeshield launched as the first wireless home security DIY system available on the market. In 2013 DirecTV acquired Lifeshield, which changed Lifeshield’s name to DirecTV Lifeshield. However, DirecTV would eventually sell Lifeshield to a private equity firm, Hawk Capital Partners. Today, ADT owns LifeShield, but provides an array of home security options. ADT uses Lifeshield equipment as part of their Blue service. Blue offers customers the ability to build custom equipment packages they install themselves, with the option of pairing their system with professional monitoring from ADT.

As of 2018, burglary accounted for more than 17% of all property crimes, according to the FBI. With property losses totaling more than $16.4 billion in 2018 alone, it is no wonder that home security cameras and systems are in demand than ever.

Does DirecTV Have Security Cameras?

DirecTV does not currently provide a home security monitoring service, it does allow customers to use their own cameras in conjunction with their DVR system. However, not all cameras and DVR systems are compatible with one another. This may prevent you from creating your own home security system with the use of your DirecTV DVR equipment. Remember, this will only record footage of your home, it will not provide any professional monitoring service. Additional support and monitoring are not provided by DirecTV itself.

Lifeshield Camera Options

Lifeshield allows you to build a fully customizable security systems with a range of device options. You can start with pre-built equipment bundles or start with a single camera starter kit. ADT uses Lifeshield devices in conjuciton with its Blue DIY service. The official Lifeshield Doorbell Camera and the Lifeshield Indoor Camera start at $199.99 and are easy to set up. The 8-piece package with doorbell camera costs $346.34. The 12-piece Lifeshield camera system (without doorbell camera) is currently available for $295.12.  The standard 11-piece Lifeshield home security kit runs $199.15. It is also possible to build security kit with Lifeshield to fit your current budget and security needs.

If you choose to self-monitor your system there are no additional fees beyond the cost of equipment. However, Lifeshield also offers professional monitoring services for $19.99 a month. Professional monitoring helps keep your home secure even when you are not available to check-in yourself.

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    Advantages of Building Your Own Security System

    Choosing to build your own home security system is one way to break away from traditional security systems. When you build your own home security system, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

    • Minimize overspending: Reduce wasteful spending by choosing which type of equipment is right for your home. Consider the number of cameras you will require to ensure that you cover the most vulnerable areas of your property. Consider adding a doorbell camera to cover the front of your home. They are discreet, provide coverage of the front of your home, and notify you when they detect activity.
    • Customization: A customizable system allows you to choose only the equipment you need to protect your home.
    • Self-Monitoring Options: You can choose to monitor your system yourself at no charge. However, if you choose to monitor your system yourself, you will need to contact emergency services yourself in any emergency. This means if something occurs when you are away, it may be much longer before the authorities are notified.
    • Avoid Unnecessary Fees: Avoid getting stuck with surcharges and unnecessary fees when working with a home security system company and provider that is more flexible.

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    Another Option

    Protect America is a leading home security company that is not only affordable, but is extremely flexible. Protect America allows you to build your own system, and even provides up to $1400 of equipment for free. Select the equipment you need to protect your home and loved ones, and allow their award winning customer service to back you up.

    Improving your home’s security does not have to feel confusing, difficult, or impossible, even if you are new to home security products or services. With the right home security provider, create a security system for your home that is sure to deliver the protection you need for you and your family.

    Do you want a flexible home security system that is affordable and extremely customizable? Are you looking for a home security system that will fit your individual needs, regardless of the type of equipment you are interested in? Protect America provides an array of options when it comes to choosing the right plan and equipment for you. If you are ready to get started, visit to request your free quote and to learn more about your home security options today.