The best home security system is one that works and is worry-free, but even really good systems can still occasionally have issues. One of the biggest problems that homeowners face with their security systems is a door sensor that keeps going off — and that can get very frustrating. But there are options to consider in order to try to stop the sensor from chiming when it shouldn’t be. Understanding what could be causing the problem is the first step toward solving it. There are a number of reasons why a chime could be alerting even when a door hasn’t been opened.

Changes in the sensor as it ages, along with changes in the environment where the sensor is located, are concerns worth addressing. These can often be corrected or adjusted, allowing for the door sensor to work properly once again. In some cases it’s easier to make these adjustments or corrections than in other cases, but it’s important to fix the problem even if it takes some time or is difficult. A door sensor needs to work correctly to help provide both security and peace of mind.

Door Sensors Can be Sensitive

The sensitivity of these door sensors is what helps protect a homeowner. But it’s also what contributes to false alarms and chimes that keep going off even when they shouldn’t be. To address the issue properly, consider:

  • the age of the door sensor
  • whether it has a sensitivity setting
  • if there are batteries that can be replaced
  • if there’s a reset or re-link option
  • the temperature changing in the location
  • changes in moisture or humidity

There are plenty of reasons a door sensor could keep going off, and when it comes right down to it there’s only one way to fix it — keep looking for the issue until it’s discovered and corrected. Not only does that give back peace of mind, but it also provides a higher level of security and reduces the annoyance of a continuously chiming sensor. That’s a great way to help a homeowner feel more secure in their home, and get any concerns fixed fast.

Adjusting a Door Sensor Can Take Time

With the right security system, door sensors work well. But they aren’t perfect and it’s really not possible to keep them working just right one hundred percent of the time. Additionally, it takes time to adjust a door sensor.

Getting a door sensor to stop going off when it shouldn’t be is a trial and error process that has to be worked on by the homeowner.

Eventually, the right combination of issues will be handled and the door sensor will no longer chime when it shouldn’t be doing so. Then it’s a matter of maintaining that level of balance so the chiming stays gone and other door sensors don’t begin to have the same problem.


Working With the Right Security Company is Important

When trying to make sure door sensors are working correctly, or when troubleshooting is needed, one of the best ways to get things handled is to have a good security company backing the equipment. That way it’s easier for a homeowner to get the help they need if they can’t get a door to stop chiming. Not being able to contact a company for help can be extremely frustrating, so it’s always a good idea for a homeowner to work with a security company they like and can trust. That peace of mind matters, and helps them sleep better at night.

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