With the best security system, a door sensor is an important part of making everything secure. Because doors are entry points, they need to be protected properly — and people are always trying to come up with new ways to make things that will add to security and provide them with an income stream. Looking on Kickstarter, for example, shows several options for people trying to get funding for door sensors. Notion by Loop Labs and the Konnected Alarm Panel are both popular when it comes to getting funded.

Options like Peeple, though, aren’t as popular. While it’s sort of a door sensor, it’s mostly a tiny camera that goes in the door’s peephole. It’s not really going to alert a homeowner to someone breaking in, although it could provide a picture of them that might be helpful for identification purposes. Notion and Konnected, though, actually provide door sensors that will help homeowners feel like they can monitor their home’s security, whether they’re there or not.


Door Sensors Are a Popular Creation

There are a couple of reasons why door sensors are so popular. One of the reasons is that people like to feel secure. Another reason is that they really aren’t that hard to make. The challenge, though, is in doing something that hasn’t already been done — or in doing something that has been done, but doing it better than before. Either one of those things can be a good way to get funding, which is why Konnected and Notion seem to hold the interest of people who devote at least some of their money to Kickstarter projects.

The more door sensors are created, though, the more the market will eventually reach critical mass and not be able to support any more of them. That hasn’t happened yet, but the time for it is coming.

With smart technology taking off so well, now is the time for people to get involved in everything that comes with the creation of a smart home. Security is included in that, and door sensors that can be integrated with other components continue to be a very popular creation for a lot of homeowners.

Why Kickstarter is the Place for Door Sensors

The right home security system is one that can be relied on, and without good door sensors the level of safety that a homeowner feels drops off dramatically. Fortunately, there are options to consider. Kickstarter is the place for door sensors for several reasons, including:

  • the platform is trusted and people feel safe using it
  • people recognize the name
  • there are some very good ideas on the site
  • people who use the site are usually serious about their creations
  • door sensors are a popular choice, so they sell well

For those reasons and plenty of others, people who are making door sensors often turn to Kickstarter to try to get funding so they can make their creations on a large scale.


It’s Not Possible to Win Them All

Not every door sensor campaign on Kickstarter will get funded or go anywhere. Sometimes people just don’t see the value in someone else’s idea. Other times, people don’t have the money, or an idea gets lost in the shuffle. It has to be marketed, too, or it runs the risk of getting overlooked or ignored. But good door sensors will usually make their way to the surface, and if they get funded they could eventually come part of the next big monitored home security system.

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