People will always find things to steal. Some things small and others huge. Some people will even steal the weirdest things. Therefore, doorbell cameras are not safe. If a person can try and steal parking stops from a parking lot, the camera on a doorbell is not safe either. They just scream, “Please come and take me away!” Some thieves even see it as a challenge? How common is doorbell camera theft? Much more common than first thought. It happened to a business owner in Vegas. According to the blog, Security Baron,

“The thieves ripped the video-recording doorbell from the side of the business in broad daylight. It’s unclear if they knew they were being recorded, but Ring’s doorbells make it quite obvious that you’re being recorded. Perhaps the criminals didn’t know that each frame was being sent to the cloud in real time, but now police have evidence if they are able to track down these criminals. However, this episode is a good reminder that sometime anti-theft equipment can become the target of thieves. If you have a host of cameras mounted to monitor your home, making sure they’re hard to tamper with will make them much better at keeping criminals away.”

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    But, there is good news. There are ways to prevent a doorbell camera from being stolen. (For more information, visit:

    Protect America is here to help prevent the doorbell camera from being stolen in five easy steps.

    • Purchase Insurance
    • Secure the power cable
    • Back-Up Data on External Hard Drive or Cloud
    • Update Your System
    • Increase your Security at Your Network Account

    Purchase Insurance

    Just like with a car, house, boat, or any piece of property, insurance is a good thing to have. As soon as a doorbell camera is bought and installed, go and buy insurance. It will not be as painful as having no way to cover the stolen camera. Having insurance will guarantee payment and possible way to pay for the stolen property. Once the insurance is bought, everything will become a little more easier.

    Secure the Power Cable

    Aside from picking up the camera and taking it with them, thieves can take it with them through the cord. Cameras without cords can just as easily be snatched and walked off with. It would play in the home owner’s advantage to have a cord. Nest suggests for an outdoor camera,

    “Conceal your camera’s power cable. Use the cable clips to run the cable along an edge, eave, or other hidden place. Paint the cable and clips to match your home. You can run the flat USB cable through a doorway and plug it into an indoor outlet. Keep the cable out of reach by routing it through the top instead of the bottom of the door.”

    Once the camera is secured, it is time to move back to the inside.

    Back-Up Data on External Hard Drive or Cloud

    Backing up data is so important for every reason known to man. Even before something unfortunate happens to the camera, it is wise to back up the data. Purchase an external hard drive and create a cloud account. Update the back-up data every two to three weeks.  What is worse than losing data with no back-up? The back-up copy being out of date.

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    Update the System

    In order for security to work properly, everything needs to be up to date. An out of date security system will lead to vulnerability. This could increase the chances of doorbell camera theft. Do a check of updates every week. Finding updates for a security system should be easy to do with a quick search online. Once your find the right updates for your doorbell camera, make the right corrections and everything will be secure again.

    Increase Your Security at Your Network Account

    It does not take much to have any part of the doorbell camera stolen. Even the data itself can be hacked into and stolen. Do everything possible to secure the main account to the camera. Change the password to something stronger. Run checks on it daily. Have your account attached to e-mail and phone for alerts of people trying to access your account. A more secure network will prevent theft of the camera and data.

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    How to Protect Your Property from Theft with Protect America

    The last thing any homeowner wants is to fall victim to a burglary or doorbell camera theft. The personal items we tuck away in our home are supposed to be there for our enjoyment, not for an unwanted visitor to hoard away with. Families wondering how to protect your property from theft will be happy to know they can do so with Protect America.

    Protect your home at all hours of the day with our award-winning, 24/7 professionally monitored systems. These systems include best-in-class security equipment that’s ready to keep a close watch on activity happening both while you’re away or inside busy with other things. Speak to a security expert today to learn more about how you can customize a package that’s tailored to your family’s needs. We can also help you locate the right spots in your home for installing equipment for optimum security and from falling into the wrong hands. Interested in protecting your home with monitored home security? Click to get a free quote from Protect America.