Home security surveillance systems used to be reserved for the very wealthy. But in the new digital age home security systems are more accessible and easier to use. But the busy homewoner still doesn’t have the time or patience to struggle with a frustrating system, especially on installation. There many  DIY surveillance cameras that give homeowners and businesses options like flexibility and convenience of use. Here are 3 home security cameras that are truly simple and easy to install, all the while maintaining the strength and piece-of-mind of home security.


1. Piper

The Piper security camera is a home security device with an immersive camera offering an amazing 180º motion. It also provides a host of motion sensors along with a siren to help notify homeowners and business owners of intrusion.

To set up the Piper security camera, remove the Piper from its detachable to insert the AA batteries into the back of the device. Once the batteris are in place, follow these easy steps:

  • Connect the power cord and reattach the stand
  • Setup your camera (there is a wall mount that can be used in lieu of the stand)
  •  Power on the camera and wait for the LED light to turn blue.
  • Download the app to your phone or tablet and complete the setup.

2. Nest Cam

The Nest Cam gives owners a seamless and easy installation process. It carries a superior 1080p video output, with integration with other smart home devices. The Nest Cam works with your Wi-Fi network and incorporates audio features to allow you to relay two-way audio. Setting up the Nest Cam is a simple process that involves placing the camera on a stand or attaching it to a wall with the wall mount. The camera’s design is sleek and the video and audio features, along with the easy installation, have made it popular among homeowners.

3. Canary

The Canary camera has an easy plug-and-play interface removing alot of the hassle that other DIY set-ups have. The device is an IP (internet protocol) camera equipped with a variety of features including: humidity and air quality sensors, a microphone, and a siren,  The Canary also has the capability to stream high definition live video feeds. Storage can be maintained with The Cloud which allows you to save data for up to 30 days. The Canary’s mobile app allows you to control and monitor the functions of the camera from any location.


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