Smoke and Fire Protection with Your Security System

A home fire is one of the disasters that can cause a total loss for your home. Protecting your home from a fire is important. Protect America offers smoke detectors and heat detectors to detect fire hazards and to monitor if you ever had a fire. The great thing about these type of sensors is that they are always monitoring your home whether your system is armed or not. Meaning, if you forget to turn your alarm system on for the day, these sensors will always be on no matter what. Installing Smoke and Fire Detectors Installing your smoke or fire detectors is fairly simple but make sure you consult with your home security provider to make sure they are installed correctly and programmed into your system the correct way. Typically you want to call first, and make sure you follow your home security provider’s procedures. Most experts will recommend having a smoke detector on each level of your home and a siren as well. This will ensure you are fully protected and not just partially protected. Full coverage is something that we highly recommend at Protect America.


Steps to Install Smoke Detectors (Simon XT)

1. Take equipment to security system

2. Scroll down with arrow keys till you get to ‘System Programming’

3. Press Enter

4. Type in 4 digit installation code

5. Press Enter

6. Then the system will display ‘Trip Sensor’

7. Twist the smoke detector off the base and you will hear a beep

8. The system now displays ‘GP 10 Front Door’

9. GP stands for the group number in which decides how the sensors acts, you want to type in ‘26’ then press enter.

10. ‘Front Door’ is now blinking. Scroll up or down with the arrow keys till you find the name you want to name the sensor the press enter, twice.

*You should now have the sensor installed. Repeat the process or press system status till you back out all the way to the main menu.


Steps to Install Smoke Detectors

Make sure your system is on test, or call your security provider to place your account on test. You do not want to get any false alarms! Once your account is on test, you are now ready to test. Your security provider should have provided a can of smoke to properly test these sensors. Spray a little bit of the smoke into or by the area you have installed the smoke detector, and you will hear a siren come from the actual alarm system and the device itself. The smoke detectors from Protect America are photo-electric sensors that are top of the line so you will not need to spray much smoke for the alarm to go off. Let the alarm sound for at least 30 seconds then disarm it. Check with your security company or monitoring station to see if the signal came through, and if they say yes then everything is correct. You might want to re-run this test on all the devices you have installed if you programmed more than one smoke detector into your home security system.

*Consult with your security provider before attempting to install smoke or fire detectors.