A security system offers a lot of peace of mind, but only if it’s got everything a homeowner needs to truly feel safe and protected. One of those things that some homeowners really want and need are flood sensors. These sensors can detect things like water seeping into the basement from an outside source, but they can also indicate that the water heater has sprung a leak. There are many places these sensors can be placed, and they should be near anything that contains or carries water and that could potentially become a problem — that way a homeowner finds out about the issue quickly.


But there are some flood sensors that only work with certain things. For homeowners that have 2GIG, options may be limited. Some people choose to use an Arduino or similar type of code or platform, and they build their own sensors. Others choose to buy sensors, but they have to be careful about finding out what’s really going to work. If the sensors aren’t designed for 2GIG compatibility, they aren’t going to work the right way and a homeowner will have to take them back and try something else. While compatibility issues can be solved by building their own, a lot of homeowners are unsure how to do that or don’t have the time to spend on it.

Which Homeowners Need a Flood Sensor?

Really, every homeowner should have flood sensors. A lot of people have them if they have basements, and that certainly makes sense. But what about the water heater, or the toilet in the guest bathroom? What happens when the homeowners are on vacation, and a pipe bursts?

There are many scenarios where it would be good to have a flood sensor, whether or not a homeowner has a basement.

These kinds of problems may not be extremely common, but they can and do happen. And when they happen they can be very problematic. Fortunately, flood sensors that work with 2GIG are out there, and they can be used to protect homeowners who want to be sure they have everything they need to keep their home as safe and secure as possible.

Why Work With 2GIG?

Working with a security company means a higher level of peace of mind, but that only works if the company has 2GIG compatible devices. Some companies do and others don’t, which is why a homeowner has to be careful about what they’re getting. They should always ask the company what’s offered — especially if they don’t want to change away from 2GIG and use something else. The FT1 is the most commonly used flood sensor for 2GIG, but there are others that can also be considered. Even though options are relatively limited, that doesn’t mean those options are nonexistent. Homeowners who are committed to using the 2GIG system and platform can still get great equipment.

Is It Time to Choose a New Security Company?

For some homeowners, choosing a new security company is the way to go when they want to use 2GIG and have flood sensor options. Along with these sensors, homeowners should look for a security company that offers:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • ease of installation
  • good quality equipment
  • strong customer service
  • fast response times

With all of that included, a homeowner can really have a higher level of peace of mind, and can move toward a home that offers more automation, too. Then they can have the comfort and convenience they’re looking for, and they won’t need to worry about water leaks or rising moisture in their home going undetected.

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