Everyone knows that an alarm system can protect your home against intrusion, fire, and carbon monoxide. Did you also know that your home security system can be used to protect your home and property from the elements? With Protect America environmental monitoring solutions, homeowners can also defend against flood damage and cold temperatures.


Environmental Monitoring Systems

Comprehensive home security should take into account any danger that threatens your home and property. It doesn’t matter if that danger is from criminals or the weather, homeowners should do everything they can to minimize the damage. One affordable option for preventing all types of damage is a wireless home security system from Protect America. When combined with flood and cold temperature sensors, a home security system can prevent everything from unwanted intrusion to weather damage.

Flood Sensors: Home Security Can Prevent Water Damage

Water can be one of the most destructive forces to a home. Whether from a storm or a burst pipe, water in your home can warp floors and cause mold. Unfortunately, homeowners are all too willing to take the risk of flood damage. According to data from the University of Illinois, only 20 percent of homes that are in danger of flooding actually have flood insurance. One of the easiest, and cheapest, solutions for flood is a home security system combined with flood sensors that can detect water before causing substantial damage to your home. When a Protect America flood sensor is activated, a signal is sent to our central monitoring station who contacts the homeowner immediately.


Freeze Sensors: Home Security and Weather Defense

Some Americans are lucky enough to live in areas that don’t experience freezing temperatures. Most of the country, however, isn’t so lucky. Cold temperatures can cause significant damage to unprepared homes. A freeze sensor detects when the air in your home has dropped below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (or 4 degrees Celsius for any confused international readers) and sends a signal to our monitoring station. Homeowners are warned directly without contacting the authorities.