Flood sensors are excellent choices for basement locations where a homeowner might not notice a water leak or other moisture problem until it becomes a major issue. But one of the things that the sensor hasn’t really been designed to do in the past is shut the water off once a problem has been detected. Fortunately, newer technology and developments have made it easier for homeowners to start getting what they need in this niche. The security system a homeowner has should do more than just warn them of an issue — and if it’s really going to make them more secure it needs to fix the problem, as well.


There’s little that can be done when a flood sensor picks up on issues of water coming in from an outside source, but there are ways to control the issue if the water is coming from something that’s a part of the house. The water main is one of those areas. If a pipe in the basement springs a leak, for example, and the flood sensor detects that water leak, it’s best to shut off the water at the main, so the homeowner can be alerted to the problem and the damage can be reduced. That can also lead to a faster fix, reducing the chances of the homeowner being without water for a long period of time — and several companies do actually make flood sensors that will shut off the water main when a leak is detected.

The Value of a Flood Sensor

A flood sensor is a highly valuable thing, especially in wetter climates and for people who have basements that they don’t spend a lot of time in. Some people use basement rec rooms and things on a daily basis, so they would have a good chance of noticing a leak. Other people only go down to their basement to service the furnace or get something out of storage. They’re a lot more likely not to notice a problem with the pipes or some other type of leak.

Even if the basement is used frequently a pipe can still burst suddenly, when someone is on vacation, or even while they’re sleeping at night.

A flood sensor will catch those kinds of issues, along with rising water from an outside source, moisture issues, and concerns over too much humidity. It’s a great way to add to peace of mind when a homeowner has a security system in their home.

How Water Main Shutoffs Work

With a security system that has flood sensors, a water main shutoff works by sending a signal from the sensors to the main shutoff valve. It’s easy to install the shutoff, and it doesn’t require cutting into the plumbing. It can also be done with basic hand tools, so it’s a DIY project that’s simple and that nearly anyone can handle. In short, it’s an easy and convenient way to potentially prevent a lot of problems.


How to Pick the Best Security System

When choosing a security system, be sure to get one with flood sensors and allow for a water main shutoff. That can help protect a lot of the house that might not be thought about before. Additionally, consider:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • ease of installation
  • good customer service
  • quality equipment
  • fast response times

With the right system and company, a homeowner can have true peace of mind. This also reduces the chances of a flood, fire, or other serious issue getting out of hand, and can help everyone in the house sleep better at night.

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