There are plenty of issues that can come about when the weather is very cold, but a garage door sensor not working is probably not one of the things most people would think of. However, it happens a lot — especially in very cold climates, or in areas where there’s a “cold snap” even if the weather is typically very warm. Homeowners should keep that in mind, because their garage door sensors are often a part of their home automation and security system. A security system offers plenty of peace of mind, but it’s only as good as its weakest link.

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    If the weakest link is the garage door sensor and it isn’t working properly because of the outside temperature, than something will need to be done in order to get it working properly again. But why would the weather matter? Garage door sensors are sensitive, and they can freeze, frost over, and struggle with plummeting temperatures due to a lot of the inside components they have. In order to fix the issue, it may be necessary to find a way to keep the garage warmer. A better or more weather-resistant sensor may also be an option.

    Garage Door Sensors are Very Important

    Having garage door sensors matters. You don’t want to preform a garage door sensor bypass unless you have no other option. These are designed to do several things. Most notably, though, they focus on whether there is anything in the way of the door when it closes.

    If there’s something — or someone — in the way, the sensors are supposed to stop the door from closing and send it back to its full open position.

    If the sensors aren’t in the right place, or if they’re not working right because of the temperature in the garage, then it’s possible that someone could be seriously injured or even killed by the garage door. Additionally, the door may not open or close correctly at all if there aren’t proper sensors or if those sensors aren’t registering the right way. That’s very important to keep in mind, because the sensitivity of a garage door sensor is something that not every homeowner really thinks about — until those sensors suddenly aren’t working right and something has to be done about it.

    Temperature Can Easily Affect a Door Sensor

    Working with a security company means using the equipment that they offer so a homeowner can have a system that’s tied together correctly. However, a door sensor for a garage can be easily affected by temperature. That means a very cold day may render the sensor effectively useless, at least for a period of time until things warm up. Waiting for a warmer time is an option, as is warming the sensors with a hair dryer or other small heater. Homeowners can also work to protect the sensors better, so they don’t get as cold and stop working. At times, though, there’s little that people in very cold climates can really do to reduce the chances of a sensor problem.


    Make Sure the Security Company is a Good One

    If a homeowner works with a good security company that has high quality equipment, there’s less of a chance of having problems with things like temperature. That’s worth noting, and when seeking out that company the homeowner should also look for:

    • good customer service
    • reliable monitoring on a 24/7 basis
    • ease of installation
    • fast response times

    There’s much more to a security company than just the garage door sensors they offer. A dedicated homeowner will do their research, and make sure they select the right company for the job.

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