One of the most important parts of a security system is the glass break sensor. It can alert a homeowner to a broken window or patio door, and can help stop a potential crime in progress. But these types of sensors can malfunction just like other electronic devices. When something goes wrong with a glass break sensor, the goal is to get it working again quickly so it can keep protecting the home. Before a homeowner can get it working again they need to know what’s wrong with it — and that starts with the red light on the sensor and what it means.


Most glass break sensors will show a green light when there isn’t a problem with the sensor or the system. The light turns red when there’s an issue detected, and then it’s time to troubleshoot the sensor and find out what kinds of things could be causing the problem. In most cases it’s an easy fix, and homeowners should try all of the simple things to correct it before they contact the company or try to replace the sensor completely. Some things to try include:

  • replacing batteries
  • resetting the sensor
  • resyncing with the security system
  • turning the sensor off and back on again
  • moving the sensor to a different location
  • cleaning the sensor

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    If none of those steps solve the issue, it may be time to replace the sensor itself. These don’t last forever, so it would make sens that they would eventually have to be replaced. Additionally, the problem with the sensor could be a fault with the actual system not reading the sensor correctly, and that could be something the alarm company would have to fix.

    How Important Is a Glass Break Sensor?

    Glass break sensors are very important parts of a home security and automation system. These sensors rank up there with door and window sensors in their level of importance. Homeowners need to know if someone is breaking into their home, and the security company and authorities will generally need to be notified, as well.

    But without these sensors someone could break a window and a homeowner might not know that. It could even happen when they’re home if it’s a big house, since the sound might not be heard if the window is broken relatively carefully or gently.

    These kinds of things won’t get past a glass break sensor, and that’s why these kinds of sensors are so very important for everyone who has a home with a security system.

    The Red Light Means Attention Is Needed

    With security systems that offer a number of good options, a red light on a glass break sensor means it’s time to troubleshoot. Once a homeowner has handled the basic things to try, they’ll need to contact the company if they can’t get the problem solved. Someone may have to come out and see what they can do to fix the sensor or the system, or they may have to replace some components in order to get things back to working properly again. It’s not always easy to fix a glass break sensor problem, but the right company can handle it efficiently.


    Choosing a Company That Will Work With Homeowners

    The best security company to choose is one that works with homeowners when they have problems with their security systems. Finding a company like that usually isn’t too difficult, but it’s important for a homeowner to choose a good one. Then they can get the help they need when they have an issue like a red light on their glass break sensor.

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