Almost every homeowner who has a home security system understands the importance of glass break sensors to help reduce the risk of a break in or related problem. But a lot of those same homeowners forget that it’s not just about the windows. If they have a sliding glass door, the latch on that door often isn’t as strong as a standard door latch. Not only is it easier to force and should be protected, but those glass doors are also like giant windows — and they can just be broken for a burglar to come right into the house.


The system for home security that a homeowner chooses should have glass break sensors that work with these sliding doors, instead of just with the windows. Otherwise the house really isn’t protected. A security system is only as good as its weakest point, and when important sensors are missing there’s a weak point in that particular spot. Most commonly, that’s at a door or a window, where a sensor may be overlooked or missed in some way. Because of that, homeowners need to be diligent about having the proper sensors — and that includes glass break sensors for sliding doors.

Why Do Sliding Doors Need Glass Break Sensors?

A sliding door is, essentially, a giant window. And like a giant window (or even a much smaller one), it can be more easily broken and accessed than a solid door or a wall. Whether that’s done by a person who’s trying to gain access or an accidental hit from a rock or a baseball, there still needs to be a warning that the entry point has been compromised.

That’s what a glass break sensor offers, which is knowledge that someone has broken that glass in some way. There are also false alarms that can happen, but most homeowners would agree that it’s much better to be safe than to be sorry.

Those homeowners would be right, since it can be extremely expensive if there’s a significant break in at a home. In addition to the financial cost of the break in, the loss of that feeling of safety and security can be very difficult to overcome. With glass break sensors on doors, a lot of the risk can be reduced.

Is a Special Sensor Needed?

With a home security system that offers glass break sensors, the same kinds of sensors that work with windows will also work with doors. There’s no need to have a special sensor for a sliding glass door, because the glass break sensor is designed to react to the sound of the glass breaking. Essentially, the sensor is able to “hear” the glass being broken. Anything that makes a similar sound can set off the sensor, though, so it’s important to place it where there are few risks for other noises that could be disruptive.

Choosing the Right Security Company

To get the best glass break sensors, a homeowner should work with a good security company they can trust. That way they have the highest chance of getting a sensor for their sliding door that will keep them safe and give them peace of mind. In addition to these sensors, a homeowner looking for a security company should consider:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • ease of installation
  • good customer service
  • fast response times
  • high quality equipment

With all of that belonging to one security company, a homeowner can get a good system that will provide them with everything they need. That includes protection of their sliding glass door.

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