One of the biggest parts of a security system is the group of sensors that monitor the home’s doors and windows to ensure that there isn’t an intruder trying to make their way inside. Among those detectors are glass break sensors — and these are designed to “hear” the sound of glass and sound an alarm so the homeowner is notified. In a lot of cases they also notify the security system company and the authorities, as well. By doing that, these sensors are good at protecting a home and making sure it stays safe for the people who live there.

But for homeowners who don’t want a traditional security system experience, and who want to build their own sensors and other devices, there are a few options. One of those options is the creation of glass break sensors through Raspberry PI. While this isn’t necessarily easy, it’s possible for tech savvy individuals who like to build their own devices and create their own systems. These sensors can be created in the same way as motion detectors and door and window sensors, with some knowledge and skill from the homeowner, along with a little patience.

What Does Raspberry PI Have to Offer?

Raspberry PI lets people create their own electronics, and it’s an open source option that anyone can use. Whether a homeowner wants to have a motion detector on their front porch or a glass break sensor near their bay window, there are options that can be done with Raspberry PI. It’s a great way to accomplish more, and to focus on how to protect a home where the homeowner doesn’t want to have a traditional security system installed.

It’s not for people who are just starting out with coding or open source platforms, though, because it takes time and effort to learn how to build things the right way.

When a homeowner wants to build something with Raspberry PI, they need some knowledge of the system to go along with the trial and error of experimenting to get a glass break sensor that works effectively and efficiently. Otherwise the sensor may not alert properly, or it may provide too many false alarms.

How Valuable Is a Glass Break Sensor?

By working with a security and automation company, a homeowner can get a lot of glass break sensors and other types of detectors that they may need for their home. But homeowners don’t always want to work with these kinds of companies — and they still need and want the protection that glass break sensors provide. Fortunately, the value of a glass break sensor isn’t tied to any particular company, and it can be made through Raspberry PI or other systems for homeowners that want to have their own system that works for them.

What to Look for in a Security Company

For homeowners who decide Raspberry PI isn’t for them, though, a security company can be the right choice. When choosing one, they should look for the following:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • good quality equipment they can rely on
  • fast response times to alarms
  • strong customer service and support
  • an easy installation

When homeowners can get all of that from a security company they can have a higher level of peace of mind, and they can also feel like they’re getting good value for the money they’re spending. Overall, that’s a great way for anyone to enjoy their home more easily. So whether they choose a security company or a DIY option like Raspberry PI, homeonwers can be properly protected.

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