When it comes to home security, have you ever heard of a glass break sensor? Well, whatever you may have heard, we are going to discuss the basics and characteristics of what exactly a glass break sensor is and does.


What is a Glass Break Sensor?

A glass break sensor is a device that detects the sound of glass breaking. The device can be programmed into your home security system as one of your sensors. A glass break sensor is wireless and can be mounted on a wall either by double sided tape, Velcro or a screw.

How a Glass Break Sensor Works

The vibrations of sound when glass is broken sets off an activation switch inside the sensor to make it trigger an alarm from your alarm panel. These high pitch sounds of glass breaking usually have to be within a 400 square foot radius of open air space. That means, one glass break sensor will cover multiple windows in one room.

Often times people will use a glass break sensor on sliding glass doors. Sliding glass doors are infamous for burglars breaking through them. If they are broken, a burglar can literally break the door, and walk straight through  without ever having to open a door. Regular door and window sensors may be on your doors or windows but your alarm won’t sound if a burglar doesn’t open any door.

Example of Glass Break Sensor Working

A burglar attempts to kick open a door but while they are casing your house, they see a home security yard sign. They realize you then probably have sensors on your doors or windows so they then know they either have to do a quick burglary since your alarm will go off, or they can choose another option. They decide they will break through a window instead of opening a door or window. They smash a window, wipe the glass, then crawl through the window. The alarm never sounds and they get away with the burglary.


In these unfortunate situations insurance comes into play but you often have to play a deductible. Its pretty unfortunate that this happens, but we offer a wide array of sensors to protect you and your home. We offer complete home protecting by recommending these sensors.

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