Different devices within a home security system can raise the level of security you’re aiming to provide. One of these devices is known as a glass break sensor. A glass break sensor is a type of sensor that is mounted in a business or residence. The sensor is very sensitive to certain sound frequencies, particularly glass breaking and wood splintering. There are two different types of glass break sensors: acoustic and shock sensors. Shock sensors detect the vibrations from glass breaking, and are geared more towards motion. They are usually mounted on the window itself. However, Protect America carries acoustic sensors, which are triggered by sound wave frequencies. Unlike other glass break sensors, acoustic sensors can detect glass breaking from up to 20 feet away.

Glass Break Sensors in the Home

The last thing you could ever want is to come home to a house that has been broken into via a window. Someone decided to smash your sliding glass door or window to gain entry into your home in order to steal your valuables. There’s shattered glass all over your living room and the house is in disarray.  Protect America’s glass break sensor is specifically designed using pattern recognition technology to detect the sound of breaking glass within a 20-foot radius. Use this sensor around easily accessible windows or glass doors that could be shattered to gain entry into your home. The glass break sensor should be mounted on the wall within a 20 foot radius of open air space from the windows or glass doors that you want to protect. Typically you want to mount one in each living area or room for complete protection.


How Do They Work?

When glass breaks, the information reaches the sensors in different ways. Our sensors rely on the frequencies of sound. They are activated as soon as the sensors within the alarm detect the shattering glass. They often search for both a low noise accompanied by a high-pitch noise immediately afterward. Sometimes they can be triggered by noises that they mistake for breaking glass, such as keys being dropped. However, it is generally uncommon.

Perimeter Protection

Glass break sensors are designed to detect a break-in before an intruder has time to get inside the structure. If you safeguard your home with door/window sensors and glass break sensors, you’re creating an invisible security perimeter around your home. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that a burglar won’t even be able to step foot inside your home without your alarm being triggered by one of the sensors.

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