and Google have collaborated to announce the integration with Google Home, a popular home automation device that has been eager to develop many relationships with home related products, including security. Amazon’s Alexa and Echo products strive to do the same and the IoT market and smart home device markets are set to become major industry revenue streams for tech startups and giants alike.

Everything from smart refrigerators, toasters, TVs, door bells and smoke detectors to security, surveillance and fire alarm safety devices may all one day be connected within our homes. Many apartment complexes, condos, town homes, businesses and hotels may also soon become integrated with these technologies. WiFi expansion and other wave based technologies will soon make the process even more ubiquitous. Makes Special Announcement officially declared the integration with Google Home on their website via press release and also on their blog. Google Home users can now ask Google the phrase, “secure my home” with’s new voice-control integration feature. is based in Tyson, Virginia. The company released the feature that allows you to use voice commands with your Google Home device to control smart security and surveillance systems from

The release stated that users can arm the systems by talking to their Home Device and asking Google the above phrase. However, the feature also extends to other areas such as door locks, device(s) status updates, temperature controls and control of groups of devices like lights. mentioned in a blog post the popularity of monitoring from a distance with devices like phones, but also saw a trend in interactive voice powered devices like Google Home.

Setting Up the Integration

For certain features such as arming your alarm system, you can say the phrase,“Okay Google: ask to arm the security system.” and you are at ease. You don’t even need to reach for a device or phone. Just say it and be done. These features can be implemented once you tell your smart home device to go to the website. It will ask you to link accounts. There are DIY forums and communities online to help you in some instances, but you can trust the professionals at Protect America to help with DIY alarm and device setups as well. There are some basic instructions from users, such as Tyler, who suggested the following:

Tell your Google Home:

“OK Google, talk to”

The assistant will respond letting you know that your account needs to be linked.

  • Open the Google Home App on your mobile device.
  • Tap the Discover tab. You will see an card at the top of the app.
  • Tap Link and follow the directions.

You should be able to also add via tapping “Explore” in your Home menu, scroll to “Home Control,” find and link that way.


Jason, another user, posted the following:

“Open the Home app on your mobile device.
Tap the side bar, scroll down, and tap Explore. This will launch the Google Assistant.
Search for “” in the search field.
Tap, and scroll down to Link on the skill page.
Tap Link. If using iPhone, Google Assistant must be downloaded (but you may have already done so)”

There was a known issue, according to Tyler, with certain Samsung Devices with the Verizon carrier service for some reason or another that prevented some phones from being able to follow the above directions specifically, but the forum addresses it in his post.

What will 2019 Bring?

In short, more integrations. Expect updates to Google, Amazon,, Honeywell and other smart home, home security and technology device developers and manufacturers. Software and hardware will continue to develop in new ways.  Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.