If you’ve got a Google Home system, you may be wondering what you can connect to it. Google Home can operate as a central home automation hub — and that includes some great security features. In order to be used by a hub, though, the system itself has to allow integration with Google Home. So what are your best options?


1. The Ring Video Doorbell

A niche type of security camera, the Ring Video Doorbell provides a video feed of anyone at your door. Not only that, but you can use it as a security camera pointed out from your door; you can live stream at any time, and you can store video. The Ring Video Doorbell even comes with cloud storage available, so you can save video to refer to later on.

Video doorbells have become a popular “smart” augmentation for many homes, making it easier to identify suspicious people at the door. This doorbell also has motion activated features, to alert you when people may be at your door and to start recording in the event that you need evidence.

2. Vivint Security

Vivint provides a comprehensive security package that is designed for use with Google Home, including security cameras that can be connected to from your smartphone or other devices. These security cameras can be viewed and controlled remotely. Other options include thermostats, smart locks, and lights. However, there are some issue with Vivint — primarily the cost.

Vivint offers sophisticated equipment that comes with a matching price tag, and professional installation is required. Vivint offers a higher level of home automation integration for those willing to pay more to get the latest gadgets. Some basic equipment is included, but you’ll most likely need some add-ons. Because Vivint requires third-party installation, there’s an installation fee, plus a minimum activation fee of $99.

All of that together means that the Vivint package may be more expensive and involved than what a homeowner might need if they just want a simple security package with Google Home. It’s worth it to note that Vivint also has a fairly sizeable contract.

3. Geeni

Geeni provides lights, cameras, and more for Google Home. Camera options include both 720p and 1080p cameras, in grey and white. These cameras have the following features:

  • Live stream. Video live streams with motion notifications can be taken in 720p or 1080p full high-definition quality.
  • Night vision. Built-in night vision technology makes it easy to see what’s happening on the video even when it’s dark.
  • Two-way communication. Users can connect to their video camera for two-way communication, like a walkie-talkie.
  • Recording. You can save and playback events that occur, such as potential security issues or break-ins.

A single application is used to connect to Geeni’s products, so if you want to create a lighting system and camera system connected together, Geeni may offer an affordable and easy path. And though Geeni does work with Google Home, it also doesn’t actually require a hub; you can use it simply through your smartphone for a cheap solution. It all depends on whether home automation is worth the extra cost.

These are just a few of the security systems hat work with Google Home. If you want to create a complete, all-in-one solution, you may want to get some professional help. Contact Protect America today to get started.