Every year HGTV builds a smart home that they give away as a part of their smart home sweepstakes. These smart homes are built to be as efficient and feature rich as possible including home security to keep it all safe. Taking a look at the smart home they built this year, you can find a lot of clever features in the home that would be great to add to your own home and some of them are fairly easy to install and inexpensive. Of course, there are plenty of other features that are expensive and extremely difficult to install. It stands to reason that if you don’t have sky lights on your home it would be pretty expensive to have automatic sky lights installed. Or having a hidden VR gaming room put in for that matter. For this article we will be looking at examples that anyone might want to put in their home.

HGTV Smart Home Kitchen —  Cabinet Door TV

The 2018 HGTV smart home sweepstakes grand prize home is all about efficiency. You’ll notice that they added shelf space in places that you wouldn’t normally find it. Like the drawer that pulls out from under the sink with a hole in the middle to allow it to slide around the sink. One of the big trends in smart homes these days is having a TV installed somewhere in the kitchen, but instead of having a TV mounted to the wall or TV, HGTV turned one of the cabinet doors into a very thin touch screen controlled television. Not only do these 21.5″ Cabinet Door TV’s save space, but they also allow you to watch TV while you prepare you food as opposed to staring at the refrigerator. They come in white black and mirror finish so you can match them with any kitchen design style and come with built in vibration speakers.

HGTV Smart Home Bathroom — Switchable Privacy Glass

Most homes have frosted windows in the bathroom for privacy or have the window high enough to eliminate the need, but they don’t do much good if you want to look outside unless you open the window. So mostly they just help light the room up during the day. If you’re a fan of looking out the window, then you might be interested in installing switchable electronic privacy film over your bathroom windows. You’ll basically have a film that you stick on top of your bathroom window and run a current to it; whenever it loses current the window will immediately become frosty, giving you privacy. The HGVT home connects it to the other smart home features in the bathroom making it easy to turn on and off.  Since most bathroom windows are fairly small, installing electronic smart film on the average bathroom window is relatively inexpensive.

Honorable Mentions — Bathroom Coffee & Android Mirror

Another bathroom feature we loved is the hidden coffee machine. In the HGTV home it was encapsulated inside of an electronically elevating secret compartment, which was also controlled by the room’s smart home controls. The main thing here is that you can have coffee without having to leave the bedroom, which in its self is not really a smart home feature, but it is just plain smart.  The HGTV home also had a giant touchscreen android display installed inside the bathroom mirror. So you could check the weather, read the news, and brush your teeth all while brewing your morning coffee.

HGTV Smart Home Features — Home Security

No smart home stuffed with all these expensive smart home appliances would be complete without a home security system. That’s good news for the HGTV smart home sweepstakes winner. They can rest easy in their new smart home without having to worry about break-ins. If you’re working on making your home a smarter home and you’re interested in peace of mind, installing a home security system that connects and protects might be a smart move. Protect America’s home security systems are smart home ready and can be installed in minutes. Get a free quote now and save!