Controlling a home’s alarm system with a smartphone is becoming more and more common today, but not every company offers this feature. There are still some companies that don’t, and some that offer android support but not iOS options. Fortunately, there are also plenty of companies that have iOS apps that can be used with their alarm systems. That allows a homeowner to make sure the alarm system is on or off, and monitor it to ensure that the house is safe and secure whether they are there or away. Often, security cameras can be accessed from the app, as well.


iSmart Alarm

Nearly every DIY option for a home alarm system allows for people to use their phones and iOS to access information and control the alarm. iSmart Alarm is one of the newer choices, and it’s designed to give homeowners ease of use for a low price. While it’s not as fancy as some of the larger companies, it does offer the opportunity to keep an eye on the house from far away. That — and being able to turn the alarm on or off — is one of the biggest issues that people are interested in when it comes to having an iOS app for their home security system.


It stands to reason that big, national companies like ADT would have an iOS app. Homeowners demand it, because the company is a serious contender in the market. It also charges relatively high rates for the equipment, monitoring, and installation, so homeowners expect to get a lot for the money. The app is a part of that package deal. With the app, homeowners can expect:

  • The opportunity to turn the alarm on and off
  • The ability to see what’s going on through the cameras
  • The chance to contact the company if there’s a problem
  • 24/7 support for serious issues or alarms

With ADT and other large companies, the iOS app will often do more and perform better than what is offered by smaller or start-up companies for home security.


Protect America

This company offers an iOS app with similar features and benefits as those offered by ADT. Homeowners who have their monitoring through this company can generally find what they need with the iOS app, and can use it to perform standard functions that help protect their home. That’s a very important part of a smart home and smart technology today, as companies create new and more innovative products and services.

The most important thing about any home security company is not the app, but the way that homeowners are treated and everything they are offered to help ensure that they receive quality treatment.

But that doesn’t mean that apps and other perks aren’t good choices. They can make life easier and more convenient for any homeowner, and help them feel more secure and comfortable in their home.

Ready for a monitored home security solution with an iOS app? Reach out to Protect America today for your free quote.