Having a low battery on a home alarm can be dangerous, because the alarm may not function correctly. It can also be frustrating, because it will generally beep or otherwise audibly indicate that there’s a problem — and when a homeowner is trying to sleep it’s especially annoying. Rather than spend time being aggravated, the simplest thing to do is replace the battery. Depending on the type of alarm they have, it can take a number of different battery sizes. If a homeowner doesn’t have any batteries at home and needs to buy some, they’ll want to be sure what they have to get first.


What Size Battery Does the Alarm System Take?

Whether an alarm system needs AA batteries, a 9-volt, or another option will depend on the make and model of that particular alarm, and the company it comes from. Not all systems take the same things, and while some use only one battery there are others that may use more. Never assume that the one battery which is easily found is all there is to change. It’s possible there are other batteries designed to power other components of the system — and without carefully looking around these won’t be located. That could mean the annoying beep is still there, even after a battery has been changed out. The manual for the alarm system should give good information, and calling the company can help, if necessary.


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    Where Can a Homeowner Find the Battery Compartment?

    The battery compartment in a home alarm system is generally located right in the main keypad. It may be on the top or bottom, and usually has a door that either pops loose or requires a screw to be removed. The owner’s manual or other paperwork for the alarm system should show where it’s located, but a quick search usually turns up the information, too. If that doesn’t work, try:

    • contacting the company
    • reaching out to the installer
    • searching the make and model of alarm online

    The more a homeowner knows about their alarm system, the better. It helps them determine where to find the battery, if there is more than one in a different location, and how to change things out so that they no longer have a low battery warning going off.


    Is It Time for a Different Alarm System?

    If the battery in the current alarm system doesn’t last long and is difficult to change, or there are other problems with the alarm itself, it may be time to switch to a different alarm company that uses equipment that is more reliable.

    Batteries in an alarm system should last for months, and shouldn’t need to be changed frequently.

    If they’re always going dead and a low battery indication keeps appearing, that could mean there is something else going wrong, or that it’s time to upgrade the system to something newer and better.

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