Your Home Alarm Questions Answered

Have you put off getting a home alarm system because you don’t understand how they work, because you are worried about it going off when it shouldn’t? Or because you think it will be too complicated for your family to operate?

A home security system CAN feel a bit complicated, and since your alarm going off may mean alerting law enforcement or the entire neighborhood — it’s understandable that you may have reservations about using one. But the reality is that home security systems protect you, your family and your belongings. And there are so many types of systems — most of which are simple, affordable and easy to install — yourself!

With that said, let’s look at the difference between home alarm "stay" and home alarm "instant."

What Is Home Alarm Stay?

"Stay" is an arming mode on most alarm systems. The "stay" setting allows you to set your alarm while you are still in the home. For example, if you will be home but you want the security of the alarm system — but  you don’t want to set it off as you move about your home! The stay setting turns of motion detectors so that people in the house don’t trigger the alarm, however the alarm can still be triggered by doors and windows opening. 

To avoid setting off the alarm by opening an exterior door, the "stay" setting gives a small window of time to enter the code into the keypad. This is also handy if you are going to bed but still waiting for someone to come home.

What Is Home Alarm Instant?

Instant mode eliminates the delay time. The interior motion detectors are still off, so there is no worry of inadvertently setting off the alarm, however if exterior doors or windows are open, the alarm will be triggered.


The "stay" and "instant" feature allow you to have additional security and peace of mind while you and your family are home. We want to feel safe in our homes, and we want to know our loved ones are safe when we are away.

A home security system not only protects your property and assets, it also protects lives.

If you are considering a home security system, but aren’t sure which is right  for you, or don’t think you can afford one, contact Protect America today for a free quote. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that today’s modern security system isn’t a cumbersome, expensive or complicated hassle. Every home deserves protection.