Thanks to the way that technology has changed our world, some of the core aspects of our lives have changed. Quality home security systems were once only attainable by the wealthy. Initially home security systems were so expensive that they were unaffordable for average people. Thankfully, times have begun to change.  With the rise of home automation and a reduction in technological costs, homeowners everywhere can afford to make their property safe. Security systems with cameras, in particular, were once prohibitively expensive. But now, cameras can be added to many security systems without breaking the bank. Today, readers will be introduced to three home alarm systems that feature high definition video for use in 2020. First, however, let’s discuss the state of the modern alarm system.

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What Do Modern Home Alarm Systems Offer

When we talk about home alarm systems that feature automation, what are we really discussing? As it turns out, the role of the home alarm system has changed since its inception in 1966. The first home security systems relied on just a camera, a screen, and a feedback loop and guess what? It was still expensive! Modern security systems can be purchased for less than a fraction of their original price and for far more benefits.

The traditional home alarm system offered to modern property owners will rely on a concept known as the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a larger umbrella term that describes a subset of technology that can be controlled and automated from a third party. While we can think of the Internet of Things in reference to thermostats and garage doors, it can also relate specifically to our home alarm systems.

As the Internet of Things grows by leaps and bounds, it is bringing the home automation industry along with it.

The traditional modern alarm system will rely on several devices. Traditionally, a modern home alarm system for a regular household includes door and window alarms, a centralized control hub, audio and video recording devices, and a siren. Of course, larger systems can incorporate such things as door locks, garage doors, thermostat control, and so on. Some parties will even opt for a home alarm monitoring setup through Protect America or someone similar.

Typically, these home alarm systems will belong to some sort of network. Houses and properties away from a steady internet signal might opt for something like a Zigbee or Mobile Data network. If a person might want to operate your security through their phone line, that’s also an option.

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    Best Home Alarm Systems With Cameras

    With a full understanding of what the best home alarm systems offer, it is now time to take a look ahead. With alarm systems becoming increasingly popular and more capable, now is the perfect time to highlight three of the most promising security systems for 2020. We will also highlight one bonus company that provides secured monitoring through its affordable alarm system.

    • SimpliSafe Home Security System — Let’s start by discussing one of the biggest names in the industry, SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe offers a DIY home security setup for both wireless and cellular-capable homes. Ideal for homeowners and renters alike, SimpliSafe promises an easy installation, remote control, and around-the-clock monitoring. With a mix-and-match approach to their alarm systems, shoppers should quickly find what works best for them.
    • Vivint Home Security — Next, we want to highlight the team at Vivint. Vivint has long been one of the top home alarm system suppliers throughout the country. Their system works with both indoor and outdoor systems while providing neat accessories like doorbell cameras and automated control via their security application.
    • ADT — A discussion on home security cannot be undertaken without mentioning ADT. Established in 1974, ADT has been one of the longest-running security teams on the entire planet. While ADT is a veteran of the industry, they do bring higher prices to the table. With that being said, ADT has both wireless and wired cameras for indoor/outdoor applications. They offer professional installations which can be ideal for family homes where there is a lot of ground to cover.

    Now that readers have had the chance to discover three home alarm systems with cameras involved, it is time to look to the top of the class. Keep on reading to discover one of the top home alarm companies in the United States.

    Maximum Security: What are your options?

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    Experience the Difference With Protect America

    There are home security systems and then there are home security systems. Protect America offers an award-winning array of home security solutions for properties of all sizes. What’s more, Protect America provides affordable, effective, and flexible alarm systems to fit any household. Protect America has been offering award-winning services to the industry for the better part of the last 30 years.

    When purchasing a Protect America system, or even ordering a free quote, shoppers should be sure to inquire after Protect America’s home monitoring service. With professional system monitoring, a price-match guarantee, and rate-locking for life, what else could a shopper want? Protect America offers a DIY installation with over-the-phone instructions available as needed from a security professional. Call or fill out a quote form today!