Your alarm begins to sound and you’ve checked to make sure that there are no intruders, so what’s the problem? It is possible to have a false alarm occasionally, but if this occurs more frequently, you could have a problem with your tamper circuits. Every door and window sensor has a tamper circuit that comes with a protective cover. If it is removed or altered, then the control panel will display a tamper condition in your home.

What can Cause a Tamper Condition

There are several things that can cause a tamper condition or trouble code to be displayed on your control panel. One of the most common is the covers are out of place. Go through your house and make sure that all of the covers are in the correct position. The covers and circuits are meant to be sensitive. If a burglar gets creative and tries to remove or break the cover on a sensor the monitoring company will be notified. They will in turn, try to notify the home’s occupants. If they are unable to be reached, the police will be called.

Other Reasons for Trouble Condition

  • AC Failure – If there is a power outage in your area, you will not be receiving electrical power to your unit. Your backup battery should be sufficient to keep your system working until the power is restored.
  • Phone line – Your system is not detecting a phone line. If your service is not operational then you’ll need to contact your service provider.
  • Reset Date and Time – You need to reset the date and time. Check your manual for the instructions.
  • Zone Fault – Your system is detecting a problem in a specific zone of your home.
  • Low Battery – It is time to change the batteries. Your control panel should indicate which zones are low on battery power.


How to Reset the Tamper Alert

Put your control panel in Test Mode. Locate your user’s manual in order to do this for your specific type of security system. Some tamper conditions will give you an alert to the zone it is located in, if not you may have to go to each sensor to make sure that they are all in the proper condition.

You’ll need to open the sensor by pushing on the top of it. You may need a small, thin tool to help. If the tamper switch is out of place, quickly bend it until it is back in position. After you have finished, replace the cover and put it back in its original condition.

At your control panel, you should no longer have a tamper condition displayed on the screen. If it is, you will need to contact a professional technician.

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