Research has shown that homes without a security system installed (and displayed) are up to 300% more likely to be broken into, robbed, and vandalized. While not all home alarm security systems provide CCTV equipment, it has become an increasingly popular trend for homeowners and entrepreneurs alike. For anyone who is interested in keeping an eye on homes and property at all times, installing CCTV equipment with your home security is a must. 

Features CCTV Provides With Home Security Systems

There are thousands of security cameras and CCTV setups available in the tech industry, making it increasingly challenging to discover the very best option for security when investing in a system for the first time. Whenever you are shopping for home security systems it is important to read reviews, compare specifications, and determine which features CCTV has to offer that are most important to you and the needs of your household. Some of the most key features offered with CCTV devices today include:

  • Automatic storing and saving of recorded video
  • Motion detection and CCTV movement abilities (pan, tilt, rotate in response to movement)
  • Night vision for individuals looking to record both the interior and exterior of their homes throughout the night
  • Sound (for recording and storing purposes in the event of a burglary)

Home Alarm With Camera

Advantages of CCTV With Home Alarm Systems

There are many advantages of including CCTV devices with home alarm systems. Some of the benefits of CCTV include:

  • Constant 24/7 surveillance and monitoring capabilities (with live recording at all times)
  • Save, store, and organize recorded footage for future reference if needed
  • Live cameras help to better deter criminals and potential burglars
  • Added peace of mind whether you are inside or away from your property

On the contrary, some of the downsides of CCTV include:

  • Overall delayed response time when watching and recording video (even if you are doing so in live mode)
  • Requires manual observation before responding appropriately (which is often missed by owners)

Finding Ideal CCTV Setups for Your Home’s Protection

Investing in CCTV setups with your home’s security alarm should be done after calculating the number of cameras you require along with their placements. Having a clear vision of the layout of your home and positioning of each individual CCTV device is a way to find solutions that ensure all property is monitored and surveyed without obstruction.

It is also recommended to speak directly with your home alarm company to compare your equipment options while inquiring about potential recommendations for CCTV add-ons you are interested in. 

Whether you travel frequently for work-related reasons or if you simply enjoy spending time in other parts of the world, having CCTV cameras and equipment is an essential method to gain peace of mind. Are you looking for ways to customize your home’s security alarm system without breaking your budget? Visit today to learn more about our personalized plans and top of the line security equipment while getting your free quote today!