Home alarm with RaspberryPi is a fun gadget for DIY technology lovers since it came on the market. This tiny computer can be extremely basic or be given useful add-ons that have countless uses those who know how to code. It’s not surprising, then, that Raspberry Pi can be turned into a home security system! Though it ends up being a rather rudimentary system, it’s still impressive to build a home security system from scratch.

How you can turn your Raspberry Pi into a home alarm system.

All credits go to the talented coder HackerNoon for posting how to make your own DIY security system through the Raspberry Pi in his blog. Let’s find out what you need to do if you want to turn your tiny computer into an alarm system.


1. Get all the right tools.

You’ll need the right tools before you can get started on building a security system. After all, how can you sense intruders without having a camera or connecting your Raspberry Pi to WiFi? In addition to your Raspberry Pi computer, you’ll need:

  • A WiFi dongle
  • A Raspberry Camera
  • A Camera Case

These items will enable your Raspberry Pi to capture footage and sense who is coming and going out of your residence.

2. Install the right Python libraries.

Having the right Python libraries installed in your Raspberry Pi make it possible for your security system to work properly. Here are the essentials for making your Raspberry Pi home security work.

  • PiCamera: This will enable you to take frames from the Raspi camera.
  • Cv2: This will provide all the computer vision algorithms you need to get your system to work.
  • Smtplib: This sends emails.
  • Email: This formats your mail data.
  • Flask: This is a basic website from which you can turn the security system on and off.

3. Get coding!

This is likely to be the hardest part if you’re new to computers. You’ll need to get a hang of Python coding to get your tools to function properly. If you want to get a crash course on coding before tackling this segment, you can take some affordable courses from CodeAcademy.com.  When you’re ready, follow the rest of this guide from HackerNoon to insert the right scripts. It can actually be done in as little as 150 lines, which in the coding world is quite “short”. When you finish, you’ll have accomplished quite a feat!


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