Home alarms are growing increasingly more popular each year as they are known to help deter burglars from attempted break-ins, which accounted for 19% of all break-ins in 2016.

Choosing a home alarm system is a commitment that often requires a long-term contract in order to receive an ongoing monitoring service. When you are researching home security services, compare alarm companies that require contracts and those that do not to make an informed decision you are satisfied with moving forward. With a clear understanding of the pros and cons that home alarms without contracts have to offer, find a security solution that is truly right for you.


Home Security Available Today

Home security systems vary depending on the type of equipment you are interested in as well as the monitoring service you require. Most home security providers on the market require customers to sign a contractual agreement, keeping you locked into one company for a set period of time. In some cases, however, security companies do not require you to sign a contract and eliminate traditional fees, such as installation charges. Always be sure to inquire about contractual requirements anytime you are searching for a new home alarm security service to avoid hidden fees and restrictions you may face in the future.

Pros of Home Alarm Systems Without a Contract

Some of the best home alarm systems on the market offer services that do not require long-term contracts. The more competitive the security industry becomes, the more likely customers are to seek a provider that does not tie them down with contracts that last years. A few of the most popular benefits of a security monitoring service without a contract include:

  • Having the ability to cancel, change, or upgrade your service at any time without contract fees
  • Freely search the market to find the best deals possible to work with an existing company you are with when you do not have a contract in place
  • Avoid being held liable for the remainder of the time you have left in your home alarm system contract with a company that does not require a binding agreement
  • Add new devices and additional security cameras into your home without breaking any restrictions within a written contract


Cons of Non-Contractual Home Alarm Services

While it is freeing to have a home alarm system in place without a required contract, a few downfalls still exist such as:

  • Not having the ability to lock in your monthly service price for any set period of time
  • Inability to negotiate lowered prices as a loyal contractual customer
  • Requires additional fees for professional technician services when in need

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