If you’re thinking about choosing a home alarm without monitoring versus one with monitoring, it’s probably to save yourself the cost of a monthly subscription fee. First of all, we cannot stress enough the importance of monitored home security over non-monitored security technology and stand alone cameras. Think about it, what good is your fancy new home alarm if you’re not constantly watching or listening for trouble?

Who’s Watching?

Sure there are new unmonitored security systems that send alerts to your phone when your house alarm goes off. Just hope you aren’t in the John when that happens while your phone is sitting on your desk!

If your system is monitored, your alarm company steps into action when your alarm is tripped. Without it, you’re kind of rendering your system moot – you can record a burglary, you just can’t stop it.


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    Your Best Options

    Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you do have options, some better than others. Part of the deal is knowing what to look for:

    “You will want to look for a system that can communicate with multiple people in multiple ways while allowing you control and providing protection for things beyond burglaries.”

    We scouted the top unmonitored home alarm systems looking for the ones that fit the description – communicates in multiple ways, gives you more control, protects you from things like carbon-monoxide, fire, etc. Here are your options:

    home-security-Best Options

    1. Calls you when there’s a problem

    The iSmartAlarm doesn’t cost anything beyond the purchase price of the system. It calls your phone if your system is breached – a tad better than a simple alert.

    2. Gives you customizable control over your system

    Abode fully integrates with Amazon Echo, Alexa, Dot and Nest. Plus you can customize your feed, sensors, and you can arm or disarm your system remotely from your Smartphone.

    3. Connects all devices “seamlessly” including appliances, fans, lights, etc.

    The Oomni Smart Home System is the most expensive of the bunch but it has a smart camera, works with thermostats, can be programmed with custom triggers while your phone or Tablet acts as a universal remote. Check out our review of the Oomni unmonitored security system.

    4. Offers video monitoring and gives you the option to choose monitoring whenever

    SimpliSafe is an unmonitored DIY home security system but you have the option to choose monitoring for a month whenever you choose.

    5. Has motion sensors that start recording when triggered

    Arlo works on motion sensors. When one is tripped, cameras start recording, and it works inside and outside.


    Just Pay the Fee!

    All of this to save a few bucks a month? If you are going to go unmonitored, you should check out our home security checklist for added security. Otherwise, just pay the damn fee and get 24/7 monitoring! Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.