The system for home security can be one that’s either very successful or not as successful, especially when it’s being built by the homeowner. But there are ways to make it easier, and one of them is using an Arduino. This is a platform that’s specifically designed for making a lot of devices through an open source code — and among those devices are hubs and other items for home automation and security systems. Not every homeowner knows how to use an Arduino, but for those that do there are great projects to consider.


Among these projects that most homeowners simply wouldn’t think to try are:

  • creating an entire automation system from hub to everything else
  • using a smartphone app with Arduino based devices
  • creating an outdoor system that addresses motion and other factors

These may not sound that difficult, but this is not a plug and play type of system. Everything has to be created from scratch — including the way the devices work — so it’s not as easy as simply choosing an option from the store. Some homeowners will do well with it, though, and enjoy all that the Arduino based system has to offer when it comes to both automation and security.

What is an Arduino Used For?

An Arduino can be used for a lot of things, but it’s most frequently used for home automation systems. It’s a platform to design hubs and full systems, even if that’s not always the easiest thing to do. It works well, but it’s also time consuming and can result in a lot of trial and error that isn’t always the best thing for a homeowner’s nerves or patience levels.

It can also be frustrating if the homeowner wants a system quickly, because it takes time to create anything with an Arduino.

There are many trial and error issues to explore, and they don’t always turn out the way the homeowner would like. While that’s to be expected, it’s also something that a homeowner can’t do much about, so they just have to keep working toward what they want to accomplish, and that way they can have a good end result.

Why is Home Automation so Important?

With a home security system, one of the things a homeowner wants is automation to go with it. Turning the lights on or making sure the doors are locked is important, but not always helpful if it can’t be done automatically. In some cases, it also needs to be done from very far away — and that’s an important part of having an automated system for a home. But when it comes to making that system themselves, not every homeowner is ready to take that challenge. For those that are, however, an Arduino can be a great option for home automation.


Should a Homeowner Use a Security Company Instead?

Whether a homeowner should make their own system through an Arduino or work with a security company is a good question — and it’s not one that really has an easy answer. In some cases it’s a great idea to make something by themselves, and in other cases a home security and automation company may be the best answer by far. As a homeowner explores what they want to do, they can reach a logical conclusion and make the right choice for their specific home and their particular needs. Then they’ll have not only safety and security, but also comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

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