Home automation can seem complex — what is the smart choice for a smart home? With so many options out there, from smart appliances to smart utilities, it can be difficult to figure out the best way to get started. Here are some of the home automation must-haves for every type of home.

Humans doing all they can to make life simpler and more efficient has been a common thread throughout human history. All civilizations have found ways to eliminate or automate some of the difficult and tedious aspects of life.


Automated Entertainment Systems

Many people start with automated entertainment systems; in fact, if most people have one “smart” thing in their home, it’s probably their television. Controlling your television with your phone makes it easy to entertain, as does being able to control your speaker system, streaming services, consoles, and more.

In terms of difficulty, automating your entertainment system is often the fastest and easiest thing you can do, because automating an entertainment system is as simple as having a “smart” television and speaker system, and an automation hub.

Automated Heating and Cooling Systems

With a smart thermostat, it’s easier for you to micro-manage your home’s energy use. A smart thermostat will keep your home comfortable while also reducing the amount of energy you need.  Home thermostats consistently top the best smart home device lists, as they are easy to use and effective.

Automated Outdoor Systems

Want to stop watering your lawn? Automated outdoor systems can make it easier to keep your garden looking great. An automated, smart system can be controlled through your phone and programmed to only operate when there hasn’t been rain fall in your area. Systems can even be designed to water certain areas for longer, or water different areas during different times of day.

An automated outdoor system is often one of the best investments you can make, because having a gorgeous outdoor can improve the appearance and the value of your home. Automated outdoor systems are also economical, as they can save you money over time.

Automated Pet Care Solutions

We mentioned having solutions for every home, including homes with pets. Automated pet care solutions can include systems that feed and water your pets as needed, and systems that automatically open pet doors so your pets can go in and out as desired.

Automated pet care solutions can make it easier for you to take care of your pets and make your pets more comfortable in your home.


Automated Security Services

Of course, the best way to improve upon your home is through automated security. Automated security systems can be designed to:

  • Automatically turn on lights and security cameras outside when movement is detected.
  • Detect motion inside of your home or detect the breaking of windows.
  • Alert emergency personnel if a security breach is detected.
  • Automatically lock your doors at certain times, to ensure that you never forget an unlocked door.
  • Let you control your garage door remotely, to make sure you haven’t forgotten it open.

And much more. Security is something that any home or family can benefit from, and it’s also one of the leading uses of home automation. Many security solutions that offer home automation also offer different types of automation as well, making them the perfect central hub for the other features you desire.

If you want to be able to control your home from your phone, home automation is a must have. But there are so many different types of automation, you might want to contact a professional first. The experts at Protect America can give you more information about the best way to start investing in your new smart technology.