Alexa operates as an affordable, convenient, and easy to use hub for a variety of smart home devices. But what if you want a complete home automation system? Having an automation system has a lot of advantages: you don’t have to integrate multiple products, you can extend the products as you like, and you can get support from a single company. So what are some complete setups that you can purchase that will work with your Alexa device?


Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings is a comprehensive automation solution that includes air vents, smart light bulbs, switches and outlets, locks, and thermostats. Through Samsung’s hub, you can control virtually everything in your home. Once a starter kit is purchased, you can add modules as needed.

This system is one of the most comprehensive solutions available, but it also does come at a cost and needs to be installed piecemeal. For security solutions, you will need to invest in a monthly subscription for a monitoring service.

Wink Hubs

Wink Hubs doesn’t have as much available as Samsung SmartThings, but it is more affordable. Wink provides smart bulbs, thermostats, switches, outlets, and other products, all on a module by module basis. With Bluetooth and a fast processor, the Wink Hub can be extended in a variety of ways and is gaining new functionality all the time. But though the company is currently growing, it is relatively new to the smart automation space.

Vivint Hub

Run by a major security company, the Vivint Hub is compatible with both Alexa and Google Home. Vivint often comes up in discussions of automation services, because the Vivint solution includes a variety of home security products and home automation services.

But the Vivint Hub also requires a fairly lengthy contract in addition to its home security solutions, which can make it a less than optimal solution.

Nexia Home Intelligence

The Nexia Home Intelligence system is essentially a DIY, self-monitored kit that includes the ability to change the thermostat, turn lights on and off, and unlock or lock your doors. An additional $10 a month premium service includes a monitored alarm service.

Though the Nexia does have a variety of features, it has been criticized for being a little old-fashioned and difficult to integrate. Even with the subscription service, it may not be able to replicate the features available for an actual security system.



Compatible with both Alexa and Google Home, Nest is one of the major contenders for DIY home automation. Nest provides a variety of modules ranging from smart door locks to their award-winning thermostat system, but they are still primarily a thermostat-based company. That means that while Nest may have a high amount of utility in terms of home automation, it doesn’t have many features related to home security. Instead, you might want to integrate it with an external security solution.

Are you interested in a home alarm system that works with your Nest thermostat? Smart homes are incredibly popular today, and having a well-integrated system can improve your quality of life and make it easier to manage your household services.

Amazon’s Alexa isn’t the only solution for you. There are many other products available, such as complete security solutions, that can integrate with your Alexa device. Before you get started, contact Protect America for a complete overview of your options.