There are many ways to create a system for home security and automation, and some are options that can be made by the homeowner. Not everyone wants to work with a security company, or likes the options that company provides. If they focus on making something themselves, they’ll be able to have more control over the system and all of its components. Then they can be happy with the system they have and make adjustments to it as needed. It’s not always easy to get to adjust a system that belongs to a company — but homemade options are fair game for that.


When it comes to having a home automation system using NodeMcu, for example, there are several things a homeowner may want to try. These can include:

  • controlling the internet remotely
  • tying the system into Google Assistant
  • controlling home appliances

All of those can be fun projects, depending on what a homeowner wants to do and the kinds of things they find most interesting. With a high level of home automation available to them, NodeMcu can take homeowners to the next level of creating an automated system for their home that they can really appreciate and enjoy. When a homeowner focuses their efforts on making something with NodeMcu, it’s possible to develop a stronger level of automation that they can build on at a later date — and that may help them make sure their automation and security is at a high level they can feel good about.

What Does NodeMcu Offer?

NodeMcu offers the ability for a homeowner to create and build on their own home automation and security platform. Without having this ability, a homeowner will have to choose one of the systems that’s already on the market. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s also one of the concerns that some people have when they really want a system that’s customized to them.

It can allow them to make a quality home automation system and the necessary devices, so they can achieve true peace of mind based on what they want and need for their home.

Then they can sleep well at night and have the comfort and convenience of home automation during the day. There’s also the feeling of accomplishment and pride that comes with building their own system instead of purchasing one.

The Value of Home Automation

With a home security system that also offers a way to link up to proper automation, it’s easier than ever before to have all of a home’s important controls in one place. Whether a homeowner wants to link into Google Assistant or there’s some other aspect of automation and security they’re focused on, many homeowners place a high value on automating their home. That’s likely because of the convenience it provides, but it can also be because of a desire for comfort or an interest in added security, as well.

Security Companies Can Offer Automation, Too

There are many security companies available today, and those that understand the true value of automating a home are focused on that aspect of what a homeowner wants. Not every homeowner needs these systems to be linked, but it can certainly be easier and more convenient when that’s the case. By using NodeMcu, a homeowner won’t need to work with a security company if they don’t want to. They can find a way to automate and protect their home themselves. For other homeowners who don’t feel as comfortable building their own system, it may be easier to let a company help them find a system that works for their needs.

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