If you’ve just acquired an Amazon Echo, you may be looking around for some new things to try with it. The Amazon Echo is a new, affordable, and convenient technology that can be used for the developing of smart homes and automation. Though there are dozens of features for the Amazon Echo, here are a few of the home automation features you might want to try first.


1. Your Security System

The first thing you may want to do with your Alexa is integrate your security system. A number of security features can be integrated into Alexa, including:

  • Connecting to smart locks that can be opened and closed through Alexa’s interface or on a schedule.
  • Getting live feeds from the security on your Amazon Echo’s own screen, assuming you have a version of the Echo that has a screen.
  • Integrate video ring doorbells so you can be more cautious about who is entering and exiting your home.

There are even complete security systems that can be automated and integrated with Alexa, making it easier to secure your home without having to invest a lot of time and effort into it.

2. Connect Your HVAC

A smart thermostat is often one of the first improvements you want to add to your Amazon Echo. If you have a learning thermostat, your Amazon Echo can be used to control it. Put your heating and cooling on  schedule, or tell Alexa to modify the temperature on-the-fly.

Tired of paying too much on your cooling and heating bills every month? Don’t you wish your thermostat could just turn off when you left but get your home to the right temperature by the time you came back? These might be signs that you’re ready for a smart thermostat. It’s the trendiest development in smart home technology, and it pays for itself in energy efficiency.

HVAC systems are popular to automate because it reduces your costs; rather than having your system going the whole time, you can instead have it on only when you need it. It can also improve comfort; imagine being able to tell Alexa to begin warming your home when you leave the office, so you’re toasty all through winter.

3. Connect Your Lighting

With Ecobee Smart Light Switch technology, the Amazon Echo can detect daylight and occupancy in order to adjust the lighting system. If you want your lights to be automated, reacting to darkness and those walking into the room, the Amazon Echo can help.


Smart lighting systems are an economical way to reduce your bills, as they can ensure lighting isn’t used when no one is around or when it’s already bright enough outside. They’re also an excellent way to improve your comfort, as you can simply walk into a room rather than having to manually switch on your lights.

Ecobee isn’t the only smart lighting option. Many systems are designed to use Amazon Alexa as an optional hub; you simply have to find one that’s well-integrated.

The Amazon Echo is a powerhouse of a system that can be integrated into a large number of home automation features. In fact, it’s even integrated into Protect America’s comprehensive security and smart home solution. If you want to start using the Amazon Echo’s capabilities today, contact the experts at Protect America.