With home security and home automation becoming so important in today’s technologically advanced society, there are more questions than answers in the minds of some homeowners. One of those questions is about smart home hubs, and how they work with a home automation system and security system to keep everything operating and have it all in one place. The other big question is whether a hub is needed at all — or whether a home can simply be automated all on its own, without needing to operate off of the cloud or a central routing location. If you feel a hub is needed, what is the best home automation hub?


The general consensus of most people is that a hub is necessary, and for most homeowners that will be the case. They aren’t going to be comfortable with the requirements to try to operate a smart home without a hub. But for the adventurous and the tech savvy, the goal is to focus on operating all of their smart devices without centralization. Through Python it’s a possibility, but it’s not one that’s widely explored — mostly because it’s very difficult to automate a home without a hub, and purchasing and using a hub is so much easier.

What Does a Hub Do?

A hub is where everything is centrally controlled from. In short, it’s the heart of the smart home. It handles everything that the home needs to do, including comfort, convenience, and security. By handling all of that from one place, a homeowner only has one thing to control.

But true automation would actually operate without that control hub, and there are homeowners who are looking for ways to make that happen.

The Python language is one of those ways, but it’s not easy to work with and it’s something that has to be learned before it can be used. That takes a lot of time, which is often why people just go out and buy a hub. They can set it up quickly and have everything working in a matter of a few hours. Then they can start enjoying their smart home and the automation it provides them, without any need to learn something new or work to build a complex system of their own. That can make things much easier, so they don’t focus on technological advances that are more than they would really want to handle.

How Home Automation Makes Things Easier

A home automaton and security company can make things a lot easier, because everything can be integrated into one place. There will be a central hub and keypad, but there are a lot of devices that can be set up to work with that hub. Then a homeowner won’t have to control things from a number of different places, or deal with a lot of different systems and controls. It can be very important to have all options in one place, and it can give homeowners a sense of control and peace of mind, as well.


Is It Time for a Different Security Company?

No matter what kind of security and home automation company a homeowner is using, it’s probably got a hub. With such limited options for anything that doesn’t have a hub, the best bet is to find a company that offers a good hub and much more. Homeowners should consider:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • fast response times
  • good quality equipment
  • strong customer service
  • ease of installation

When a homeowner can get all of that plus a good hub that they can use to fully control the automation of their home, these homeowners will have what they need to really keep their home running the way they want it to be.

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