If you’re the impatient yet ambitious type, you’re probably the kind of person that likes to take on anything and everything themselves (and there’s no problem in that). Luckily, most things can be DIY’d nowadays, from building your own furniture to changing your own oil. Home security can even be a do-it-yourself job—outside of a security camera, there are plenty of things you can do to make your home more secure.


Say goodbye to worrying whether or not your home is safe. Take these cautious steps to ensure that your house is a safe place for you and your family:

5 Steps to Improve Your Home’s Security

1.) Use a Security Sticker

If there’s anything that keeps thieves away, it’s them knowing that you have a security system installed. Stickers that say things like “Protected by a Home Security System” or “24 hour surveillance” are sure to scare burglars from your property. Many people paste these stickers on their windows even without a security system, and use them as a legitimate scare tactic:

You can easily put up security system decals — a clear deterrent — even if you don’t have a system.” – HGTV

Make sure to place your decal on a window that’s easily visible, like one near the front door or patio. “Beware of Dog” signs work the same way, too!

2.) Always Lock Your Doors

You can’t expect to be safe 24/7 if your doors aren’t locked. Even if you live in a good neighborhood, it’s important to lock your doors at all times, because the worst things can happen in even the best of places. It’s also important to remember to lock your doors once you leave the house. If this is difficult for you to remember, try using a smart lock!

3.) Keep Lights On

Dark and unlit houses are essentially burglar bait. This signals that nobody is home or everyone is sleeping, which makes your house an easy target. Keep your patio lights on when you’re awake at night, and rely on motion-sensored lights while you asleep. Lights typically scare burglars away because they feel as they are being watched.

4.) Install Window Stoppers

If a burglar can’t get through your doors, they’ll definitely try getting through your windows. Keep this area of the house safe as well by installing window stoppers. You can buy them at your local hardware store, or if you’re on a budget, you can use blocks of wood. Window stoppers make sure that burglars can’t open your windows because an object is in the way.


5.) Utilize Home Automation

Home automation is growing more and more popular. While many utilize automation for efficiency, many are starting to turn towards automation for safety. There are plenty of tools you can look into, like smart locks, smart bulbs, smart remotes, and more.

While these are all great steps to take solo, the final and most important step is to get a security camera installed by Protect America. Monitored home security is vital if you want to keep tabs on your home at all times. We offer 24/7, professionally monitored home security. With no installation fees (ever), locked-in rates, and a price-match guarantee, it’s no wonder we’re a nine-time Consumers Digest Best Buy winner! Trust us, the other guys can’t say that. Find a better deal? We promise to match it. Check us out!