Security apps for mobile devices will help you to monitor the safety and security of your home or office while you’re away. According to tests and user feedback, the apps listed below are the best free security apps available for use on Android devices. Any of them would be beneficial for security.


Top 5 Home Security Apps for Android Phones 

Android smartphones and tablets have a wide range of apps that are helpful for home security. The top 5 include:

  1. Ivideon

Ivideon has a history as an effective surveillance service provider. The features they offer on their cameras and equipment have the capability of sending audio back to your device through your Internet provider. You can live stream from any device and any location. Ivideon also connects to your Android phone with a camera very easily. This home security app saves and recovers in cloud storage, making it useable even if the surveillance tapes are broken.

  1. Reolink

The Reolink app for Android has been considered one of the most effective and efficient home security apps avaialble. Its cameras work with zero configuration. This security app allows you to view live videos of the cameras you placed anywhere and anytime. More than 2.5 million people have been using Reolink. It’s available from the official website or from Google Play.

  1. Alfred

Alfred is one of the easiest Android security camera apps to use.There are no lengthy sighups or logins to go through. It allows your smartphone to become your home security camera through a serious of simple commands. Alfred will work on older model Android smartphones as well as newer models. The features Alfred’s security app include a smooth interface and stylish design with a fancy color palette.

  1. i-Security

i-Security has been revered as one of the best home security camera apps available for Android. Users can watch live streaming video from different cameras through a surveillance system linked back to the app. Live streaming is also available through use of your camera via 4G/3G Internet or WiFi. The features of i-Security include physical control with use on multiple servers.

Conclusion for Android Apps of Home Security

All the home security apps mentioned are available for use with Android products. Each of them have their pros and cons. It is better to do research on the app you think will work best for your needs. The importance of monitored home security over non-monitored security technology (standalone cameras, etc.) should also be mentioned.


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