Mobile applications and home security devices are a match made in heaven. Instead of recording security camera footage to tape and having crude sound alarms, you may now monitor the entirety of your home from your cell phone. This includes remotely watching and controlling live security cameras, disabling the alarm system, and accessing security logs. These home security apps work well in conjunction with managed security services, in which Protect America is a recommended brand to get a quote from.

The majority of the security market held by apps generated from, since it is already an industry standard. Other companies will develop their own proprietary applications that are compatible with their own hardware. The focus of this article will be mostly about dynamic mobile applications that are compatible with multiple types of security hardware.

Let’s analyze some of the top apps on the market.



Manything is one of the most popular options on the market due to it being free, convenient to use, and it is compatible on both iOS and Android. For keeping long-term data, a user must subscribe to the Cloud Recording service that starts at only $2.99/month.

What the application does lack is consistent video quality, Wifi connection stability, and some of the more advanced features found in premium applications. The analysis below comes from Cnet and it is quite accurate. Overall, the minor drawbacks are worth it considering that it is free.

While the device periodically lost its Wi-Fi connection, video quality varied, and the live feed did lag at various intervals, the motion detection feature and related notifications worked extremely well.

Features of Manything:

  • Free for single devices
  • Low light mode
  • IFTTT integration
  • Remote Web Application
  • Free for single devices.


Alfred is a free security application that is very popular in the Play Store. The video quality has been reported to have issues in some phones and it may depend on the speed of one’s phone and the data connection. It is supported by in-app advertisements, which may be removed with the purchase of the premium app. It is a simple application to set up with most types of hardware, which is why may explain its popularity.

Features of Alfred:

  • Free for Android devices
  • Notifications of motion detection
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels of detection
  • Night vision mode



Presence is available for free on the iOS platform and it is compatible with multiple types of security devices. You may even use your old iPhone or iPod as the camera and detection device as a way to recycle old tech.

The Presence 360 robot is still in development and will allow your phone to rotate up to 360 degrees. Other smart features, like the ability to automatically detect motion and grab video, is still in the works. For now, Presence remains as a basic security application.

Features of Presence:

  • Free for iOS devices
  • Amazon Alexa compatibility
  • Motion detection alerts
  • Mutiple sensors supported


Broview is a free, simplistic security app available for iOS devices. It is compatible with IP, NVR, and DVR cameras with multiple control features. It is also available with two-way talk audio devices with audio playback. The major drawback that most users have is that the interface of the app appears dated, even though it is fully functional. At the very least, this is one of the only options for users with old devices, including the iPhone 4, to have full functionality with their remote security cameras.

Features of Broview:

  • Free for iOS devices
  • Compatible with older phones and devices
  • 36-times camera zoom
  • Video playback

Free mobile applications can only do so much if you are too busy to keep checking the cameras on your phone. This is why managed security services exist so that you can go to work or have fun without preoccupying yourself with the safety of your home or office. If you would like a reasonably priced plan on monitored home security, check out Protect America for a free quote.