Home Security Camera Alfred: How Does It Work?

With the constant changes and innovations in the world of technology, home security monitoring options are becoming easier- and less expensive. Alfred is a DIY security video monitoring app that allows you to turn your old smartphones and/or tablets into a security monitoring system for your home. The app is available on both Android as well as IOS platforms and can be accessed 24/7 via your smartphone or tablet.


How Does Alfred Work?

Alfred simply requires installing on any of your mobile devices. You will select one device to be the camera, and the other to be the video monitor. Alfred doesn’t require Wi-Fi as it will also run on a 3 or 4G connection.

Alfred Features

  • See and speak to family, visitors or even directly to deter a criminal or trespasser on your property
  • Alfred can be used as a baby or child monitor and you can speak to your child and soothe them right from your device
  • Compatible with nearly all smartphone and tablet mobile devices- no need to have identical devices to use the system
  • Allows you to check on your home without a Wi-Fi connection
  • Built-in motion detection feature captures video clips and sends immediate notifications to your mobile device
  • Motion detection videos are saved on the app for 7 days- sensitivity level of motion detection can be controlled by the app settings
  • Web viewer allows you to watch live video feeds from your computer
  • Alfred’s night vision allows you to see in the dark, or you can turn the flashlight on your device on remotely for illumination
  • Alfred keeps  you aware of the battery level and signal quality on your device
  • Front and rear camera can be utilized, accessed and switched remotely for front and back views

Alfred presents a low-cost option to home security monitoring, but the app isn’t without its flaws and because it works mostly as a camera, the system doesn’t include the accessories that you may need to ensure further security. It is a great way to self-monitor your home, but the most efficient security systems include sensors on doors and windows, fire, flood and carbon monoxide alerts and live monitoring that will alert emergency officials in the case of a break-in or other emergency.


Protect America Home Security Systems

Alfred is a good starting point when it comes to creating a way to monitor your home while you are away. However, to ensure that your home is fully secure, you will likely want to invest in a system that will secure the entire perimeter of your home. Especially if you have a family, having the ability to have live monitoring and sensors that will detect not only movement, but fire, carbon monoxide and flooding will be of utmost importance for keeping your family safe.

Protect America’s mobile home security system is a DIY system that is easy to use and install. Highly experienced home security professionals are available to walk you through picking each piece of equipment and accessories for your system that you will need to create the home monitoring system that is right for you. Some Protect America home security monitoring system features include the following:

  • GPS tracking
  • Up to $1,400 in free equipment
  • Z-wave product compatibility
  • Live monitoring
  • Home security package tailored to your specific needs and budget
  • Home automation
  • Cellular, Broadband and Landline Systems
  • No Customer activation or equipment fees
  • A lifetime warranty on all equipment

Don’t wonder what you are missing when it comes to keeping your home safe and deterring criminals from entering your property. Let the professionals at Protect America help you will your home security needs. Get a free quote today.