Technology is evolving in great leaps, and use of new high-tech applications are spreading at an astounding rate. By 2020, virtually everything we do will be easier and more efficient. This certainly applies to residential security systems.

These days, homeowners are well aware the old adage,”you can’t be too safe,” has never been more true. Let’s look ahead to 2020, to see what home security innovations will look like within just a few years. Hint connectivity, AI, machine learning, and security camera advancements will advance to become major forces in home security over the coming several years.


Full-Home Connectivity

This transformation is already well underway. By 2020, home security systems may be networked with the household computers and tablets, smart phones, and even to TVs, smart speakers, and iPods.

  • Everything may be linked to a home’s own miniature robot, one that has the run of the house, keeping an eye on things.
  • Remote access will be a major benefit to traveling home owners. People may be able to sync up with their entire neighborhood, to enlist help watching their houses while they’re off vacationing.
  • Users will have the peace of mind from being able to do a remote walk through the entire house around the clock, and from anywhere around the world.

AI and Machine Learning

In the near future, home owners will not need to have repairs to fix security systems. Some types of AI security equipment will have their own capacities to learn from their environments and experiences, and will become capable of fixing themselves virtually automatically. For example:

  • If a camera or an alarm malfunctions, the security system will be able to detect its problem, isolate it, and correct it without human intervention. The inconvenience of calling a technician for repair will be a thing of the past.
  • The future home security system may not only identify parts needed to repair it, it may also order its own parts online.
  • Home owners will no longer have to turn attention to distracting technology problems or routine maintenance issues, and an astounding amount of time will be collectively regained for use in professional and personal interests.

360-Degree Security Cameras

Currently, security cameras only record in one direction at any given time. In the near future, a single camera may be able to record the entire area in each room of the house.

  • A small, unnoticeable camera might be placed in open view, in one spot and to continuously record.
  • The need to have many cameras throughout the house for full coverage would be eliminated. Each room would need only one camera.
  • The camera footage could have life-like HD quality, with sharp, clear color separation and hues, and high-power night vision. Sound would be high-quality. This will be a major industry upgrade from the grainy barely useful footage and garbled sound produced by the average security camera today.


Smart Home Security Lights

The next several years in home security development will likely incorporate capabilities that, today, still still seem like just futuristic notions, like smart lights and other innovations.

  • By 2020, home security systems may use AI applications to manage smart lighting schedules and ambient lighting timing and other functionality throughout home and exterior grounds.
  • With such smart scheduling for security lighting systems, a home owner will not have to bother with manipulating light settings used on a daily basis.
  • Even when moving from room to room in the morning, lighting is already reacting to accommodate users’ schedules. The home’s entire lighting system, inside and out, will manage itself independently.

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