What Will 2020 Look Like for the Home Security Industry?

It seems like everyone these days is growing more and more fascinated with the developments that are expected to become technological realities by the year 2020. Industry experts are predicting the continued growth of Artificial Intelligence devices and systems that begin to think for us and predict and adapt for anticipated events. Home automation will likely be an afterthought and one that is completely integrated into our home protection systems. Predictive systems will likely be one of the more interesting advancements that can help our security systems improve as they gain more information. It will definitely be exciting to see what new advancements become available in the not so distant future!


Let’s take an imaginary leap into the future and discover what exciting advancements await us in the world of home security devices in the year 2020.

Top Predictions for the Future

  • Invisible Shields – these could be either shields around your home that are impenetrable or something more like an invisible cloak that can help you to avoid a burglar, or even make your entire house disappear!
  • A “Beam Me Up” Option – anyone who is a fan of Star Trek is still anxiously awaiting the day when they can command, “Beam me up, Scotty.” Of course, we’re awaiting this development as much as our desire to commute via jetpack!
  • Magnetic Force-Fields – these fields can help to repel any intruder or an unwanted guest. Just think soon you will be able to engage your force field and send any suspicious character, or your mother in law, shooting off into the distance.

Yes, these predictions are all a bit tongue in cheek, but who knows, they may soon become a reality! In the meantime, let’s take a more serious look at what home security services are available in the present to provide your family with the protection you need.


Protect America is Here to Provide the Protection You Need

Protect America is here in the present to provide the home security systems to keep you safe while we await total integration and adaptive technologies. If you are in need of a comprehensive home security system and are looking for a professional touch, contact us today to receive a free quote. Our team takes care of everything, from selecting the appropriate equipment to meet your needs to free installation and around the clock live monitoring. In the current year of 2018, we offer such advanced home security system services as:

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If you are ready to take the next step in providing your family with the protection that is essential in today’s crazy world, we highly recommend a live monitoring service. With a full-service professional system, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your home and family while you are away. Today’s present day security systems may not be as fantastical as the ones imagined above, but they are still effective in providing the protection that you need. Let Protect America be your security partner now and well into the future!