According to the National Council for Home Safety and Security, homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into. Besides, a recent report by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program reveals that over 2.5 million burglaries are reported each, 66% of which are residential. That translates to at least 13 home break-ins per second.


Given the shocking statistics, everyone is on the lookout for quality and reliable home security systems from the best companies. All that with the main aim of keeping our families and valuables safe.

While securing your home is a noble idea, there are things we can bet you haven’t thought of regarding home security electronics. If you put these things into consideration when it comes to security equipment, then you’ll always be a step ahead.

The Sign of the Security Company Protecting Your Home

Did you know that burglaries are less likely to target homes with security signage? In fact, a study by Cromwell-Olson-Avary aimed at understanding the offender’s view of the risks and rewards of a criminal activity found that 90% of convicted burglars avoid homes with security systems in place. And if they encounter an alarm, then they abort the attack.

However, some homeowners buy counterfeit signs and decals even when their homes have no security systems installed. The problem comes in when the potential burglars realize that there’s actually no security system in place and they’re left high and dry. Even more, a professional burglar can easily Google the sign and tell the one you’ve erected is fake. They’ll be more tempted than ever to break into your home.

The effect of fake signs for those who bought their security electronics from a retailer and not a security company could be less far-reaching. In this case, there’s already a system in place that can alert you if there’s a home break-in. So, if your home is protected, ask your company for a sign.

Motion Activated Wireless Security Camera

If there’s a security electronic you ought to consider buying, then it’s a motion-activated camera. That’s if you don’t have one for your front door or porch already. You see, before burglars attempt a break-in, they usually ring the bell so they can know if anyone is home.

Wireless cameras are very cheap nowadays. Buy one, set it up on your smartphone so that whenever an intruder steps into your porch, then it alerts you.

Besides, the mere presence of a camera at the front door announces that presence of foolproof security systems to wannabe burglars. The chances are high they’ll call off their mission right away.

Even better, with video motion-activated wireless security cameras, either internal or external, you can monitor the movement of your teens or even incapacitated adults who have to be left home alone.

Unmonitored Home Security System May Not Help You Much

There’s no denying you can purchase home security system equipment, install it and monitor your home wherever you’re. But self-monitored security systems have more disadvantages than advantages.

Imagine you’re at a place with no WiFi connection, signal, your phone is switched off or got no access to your phone at a time when an intruder breaks into your home. In such a situation, your system will send an alert or notification but you won’t know so you can call the authorities. Worse still, unmonitored systems don’t always include an alarm that can help scare the intruders away.


But with a monitored security system, you can enjoy your peace of mind knowing your home is protected by professionals;

  • You’re relieved of the trouble of monitoring your home or even contacting the authorities in case your system goes off and a burglar interferes with it.

When you enter into a contract to work with Protect America, your home security system sends a signal to our monitoring station. Our monitoring station then sends you and the authorities a notification. Immediately after that, we call you to confirm if the alarm was set off accidentally. If there’s no answer, we then dispatch the authorities right away to your home.

Besides, monitored security systems are better than unmonitored ones as they come with battery back-ups and will continue working even after a power outage.

Get Your Home Professionally Monitored By Protect America

In the industry for more than 25 years, Protect America is one of the largest home security company in the US. Our committed effort is to protect families and homes through a monitored home security system. As a direct-to-consumer company, Protect America ships the equipment and then guides you through the installation process over the phone. For consultation and free quotes, contact us at 1-800-659-1500.