Shopping for a home security system can be one the most important steps you can take to protecting your family and home. Like many, though, you may be on the fence and asking yourself if it is worth the recurring monthly cost. There is a lot to consider when you make the choice to invest in a home security system. For starters, you will need to think about whether or not you want just your home or your entire property secured with a system. Let’s say for example that you live on a farm and you have several barns. Do you want security on these barns, including cameras and video feed? Your answers to important questions like these will help determine which system is best for you.


Another factor you will want to consider when you invest in a home security system is whether or not you want a system that is monitored. A monitored system will be linked to a monitoring service provider, while an unmonitored system will simply just be linked to you (the owner) usually via your smartphone or some type of mobile device. Any alerts and warnings will be sent directly to you. With a monitored system, though, alerts and notifications will be sent to you as well as the monitoring service provider who can alert the appropriate authorities.

Here are some benefits of owning a security system along with a few of the top rated systems of 2018.

Benefits of Security Systems

There are many benefits of arming your home with homeland security systems. Here are just a few but important reasons for owning a security system:

  • Home security can save you up to 20% on homeowners insurance
  • Cameras and security signs help deter 9 out of 10 burglars
  • Gives you peace of mind.
  • Improves electricity management
  • Notifications of gas problems and fire
  • Protects your valuables


Top Homeland Security Systems

Protect America

Protect America is one of the largest home security monitoring companies in the nation.With no-tools installation packages, setting up a secure and reliable home monitoring system is easy and can be done so for just about any size apartment, home or business and without and paying and “professional” installation fees. Protect America is also able to offer the absolute best deal on the market with their price-match policy and fixed-price guarantee, making sure the price on the contract never goes up. If you are having issues with the equipment, Protect America is one of the only security companies that offers a life-time warranty.


The next best thing to being there. Know what’s going on even when you’re out. Check in on pets, the kids or who’s at the front door from anywhere.

Frontpoint has been the leading security system provider for 11 years in a row due to their top leading equipment and amazing customer service. This straightforward, no hassle, no stress security company provides customers with outstanding service and a low-cost monthly rate. The company offers many package choices from window and door sensors to its smart home video monitoring and security cameras. One of the top key features Frontpoint offers is its rapid response monitoring. If your alarm sounds, they will send a dispatch to local authorities to get you the help you need fast.


Vivint is known for its state of the art technology and home automation. If you are looking for a security system that will allow you to control cameras, door locks and lights, then Vivint has you covered. Vivint offers what they call flexpay, which allows you to purchase its equipment upfront with no contract and no extra monthly cost, or you can opt to finance the equipment with their 42 or 60-month interest-free contract. This security system provider offers professional installation on its products as well. Systems are 100% cellular and 100% wireless, saving you from drilling holes in walls and providing you the option to move the system and other equipment around your house hassle free.

Link Interactive

Link Interactive has had over 60 years of experience with home security. This DIY approach to home security is what makes Link Interactive so great. There is no need to pay more for features you will not use because Link Interactive allows you to design your own system and tailor it to your specific needs. It offers no installation or activation fees and a 30-day trial period allowing you to test drive the equipment. They have many contract options, making it a great option for both renter and homeowners.


Catering to families on a budget, SimpliSafe is a favorite among renters. This company offers no contract home security systems starting as low as $15 to $25 a month. SimpliSafe protects its customers with more than just burglary detection. Their systems monitor a variety of threats in your home, including carbon monoxide, fire, and water. While you may not get as many options as the other systems out there, this company does provide customers an easy to set up, dependable product with affordable monitoring.

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