Most people want to protect their property and personal belongings. There is nothing more invasive than finding out a thief had broken and entered your home. Taking time to perform home security precautions will help to keep robberies at bay. Here are a few things you may not have thought about when dealing with home security.


Make The Home Look Occupied At All Times

Giving your home the appearance that someone is inside will help to keep intruders from trying to get inside. It is important to have mail and newspapers taken out of view by a trusted neighbor or friend if you plan on being away for any length of time.

Moving around your vehicles or using different lights inside and outside of the home at unscheduled intervals will make it look like someone is present inside. Purchase a timer for lights, however, make sure to change the times and specific lights used in a hard to crack pattern if you are going to be gone for more than a week.

Consider giving your home a wave as you leave for work each day, even if no one is inside. If someone is watching your actions, they will think twice about trying to break into your house after you leave.

You Can Do It Yourself

When you think about having an alarm system installed, you are likely to envision someone coming to your home to do the work for you. Believe it or not, doing an installation on your own helps you to save money and gives you the peace of mind that the alarm system is not altered in any way.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I know I can. – Watty Piper, The Little Engine That Could

There is always a risk of having a disgruntled or less than desirable employee do an inadequate job so they could get back into your home at a later date. A company like Protect America sends the equipment you need to monitor your home directly to your address. They will then walk you through the installation process via telephone call if needed.

All installation instructions are included with the high-quality equipment provided, making it a breeze to get your home up and running with a protective barrier against a variety of risks.


Consider Using A Monitored System

A security system will give you the peace of mind that a break-in will be interrupted instead of progressing. While stand-alone systems work at alerting a thief they should stop their action before they get caught, using a monitored system is a much better option. These systems monitor a home for:

  • smoke detection
  • carbon monoxide problems
  • broken glass
  • added heat or movement in the home

A 24/7 professional monitored security system means your home is under watch at all times, day or night. Protect America prides itself in being a home security system service that offers no installation fees, a price-match guarantee, and locked in-rates so you know exactly what you are paying.

This nine-time Consumer’s Digest Best Buy winning company offers home security plans as low as $30 a month. $1,400 in free equipment is also included with new start-up services.

Are you interested in finding out more about Protect America? If you are concerned about the degree of security you have in place in your own home, calling to get a free quote with no obligation to buy is a start.