If you are looking for ways to increase the security of your home, adding security lights is certainly an option. There are several points to consider when using lighting during nighttime hours to keep your home well protected. These include:

  • Proper placement of lighting fixtures
  • Knowing which lights work best at theft deterring
  • Switching the timing of lights to keep people guessing

It’s estimated that a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States.

This is a stunning reality that necessitates being proactive in keeping robberies from happening altogether. Read on to find out some tips when installing home security lighting to help to keep your home protected to the fullest.

Place Lights In Key Areas

When placing lighting on your property, it is important to keep fixtures at least seven feet from ground level. Failing to follow this simple step may lead to a burglar simply removing bulbs to keep the land in the dark. Making it difficult to unscrew the bulbs will make the property less inviting to those who wish to steal.

Instead of relying on one light, use several different lighting sources. This will illuminate a larger area of your land, making it more difficult for a thief to blend in with the surroundings. The result you want to obtain is making the land well-lit enough to capture features of someone who trespasses, making it more likely they will be seen by someone in the vicinity or on footage captured by a surveillance camera.

Make sure to position lights so they illuminate the entryways to the home, as well as any other structures (such as garages or sheds). A light illuminating the driveway or sidewalk leading up to the home will also help to keep people from getting too close to the home as the risk of being noticed is present.

Inside of the home, any lighting used will help to make a thief think someone is at home. It is a good idea to obscure windows with curtains or drapes to help make the interior less visible to those on the outside of the home when lighting is in use.

Use The Right Type Of Lighting

When using outdoor lighting, select sources that illuminate large areas. Floodlight work well at providing plenty of lighting, making it harder for a thief to hide without being detected. In addition, motion detection light helps to illuminate areas quickly. If someone makes a sudden movement, lights will trigger, illuminating the area where a perpetrator is located. This will cause the person to leave the area rather than putting themselves in a spot where they are exposed.

Lighting inside of a home should be bright enough to be seen from the exterior. Dim lighting is more difficult to notice, putting a home at risk for theft. Make sure to check on bulbs often and replace those that are no longer working so lighting is always available.

Use Timing Devices So Illumination Is Always Used

Lights on timers work well at ensuring a home and the surrounding property always has ample illumination when darkness sets in. It is best to switch the timing of the turning on and off of lights so a pattern is not recognized. The lights placed on timers should also be swapped with an undetectable timing pattern. This will make people in the area wonder if someone is at home, helping to keep robberies at bay.


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