When you make an investment in a home security system, you are, essentially, making an investment in the protection of your family as well as your valuables. And while many people think of a home security system as a large investment, what should be noted is that technology has greatly enhanced everyone’s ability to better protect their homes for a fraction of the cost of what it used to take.

“Home security is projected to be a $47 billion market globally by 2020. Where a solid deadbolt or a security company like ADT or Brinks used to be enough to secure a home back in the day, the advent of smart home connectivity and a flood of relatively affordable, easy-to-use devices has made do-it-yourself home security a snap. Users can now even control devices via a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to make things like locking doors and checking video footage easier than ever.”

For now, let’s take a quick look at the top home security trends of 2018.

Top Home Security Solutions for 2018

Whether you realize it or not, there is a good chance that you already own home security equipment. Take for example that old tablet you have that features a camera. This device can easily be set up to provide video home security feed. Old cell phones with cameras can even be used as part of a home security system. All you have to do is activate the tablet’s or cell phone’s video feature and sync it with an app that provides live video feed. You can then access this feed from computers and smartphones that have Internet access. If your home has temperature and lighting control technology, you can even sync this technology with a home security system. In fact, today’s home security systems are becoming more comprehensive than ever and consist of several elements, including:

Remote Arming of Home Security Systems

As we continue through 2018, it is expected that remote arming of home security systems will become even more popular. Back in the day, you would activate your security system from within the confinement of your home. You would turn it on before going to bed or leaving the house. Nowadays, though, thanks to advancements in technology, you can literally activate and monitor your system from anywhere with an Internet connection. Many home security system service providers offer customers customized apps that they can easily log into and activate systems as well as take advantage of other features, such as unlocking and locking doors and even control lights and appliances in the home.

Pocket Drones

2018 is also a year that we are going to see an increasing use of pocket drones as part of home security systems. Most pocket drones have the ability to fly at an altitude of 20 feet. If a home security system alarm was to be triggered, the drone can be controlled using a smartphone to fly above the house or even inside the house to capture video and pictures of the assailant. The video and picture feed can be automatically uploaded to a server to ensure that even if the assailant was to damage or steal the drone, the feed will still be available. This feed can then be used to help identify and prosecute the intruder.


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