Batteries for Home Security Systems

Batteries for home security systems often times last about 3 to 5 years. This all depends on the amount of use, climate, and how energy efficient the electrical plugs may be in your home.

Battery for Simon XT


The Simon XT alarm system carries a fairly big battery. The battery is a “Caddx 60914 Battery 6VDC 1.2 Amp Hour Rechargeable Backup Battery”. Basically this battery is a rechargeable battery, and is a 6 volt battery with 1.2 amp hours. You can order a Simon XT back up battery from Protect America or at times you can find one at Radio Shack or other battery stores.

How to Install Battery for Simon XT

Before installing a Simon XT battery, you want to make sure you disconnect the actual alarm system for the electrical outlet to avoid electrical surges on the battery. Also, you may want to put the alarm account on test with you monitoring station to avoid any false alarms.

Next you want to get a phillips screw driver, the one with a star head, and un-screw the tiny screw at the very top of the system. Once you un-screw, make sure to set that tiny screw to the side and avoid losing it. That specific screw holds your system together. Now you want to pull the system apart, in half. The system is clipped together at the top of the system by plastic hedges on the top corners of the Simon XT.

Once you’ve pulled the system apart, you can now see the battery that needs to be replaced. The battery is fairly secure in the spot where it goes, so you may need to jiggle’ it out and pull the batter out at an angle. Now that you have the battery out, you can see where you need to disconnect the wires attached to the top posts of the battery. Again double check your system is disconnected from the electrical plug, and now you can pull the wires off the posts; begin with the red wire, then the black wire.

Placing the new battery in should be fairly easy. Repeat the process backwards. Connect the red wire, then the black wire and place the battery back in the slot it goes at angle till it’s secure. Now you can close it all back up and plug it back into the electricity. You may need to reset the time on the system and you also may want to run a test with your security provider.

Batteries for Wireless Micro Contacts


The batteries that go into a micro sensor or contact is a CR2032 battery, also 60-688-95. The batteries are small and the size of a nickel.

Installing Micro Contact Batteries

First you want to make sure your system is disarmed to avoid a false alarm. Grab the sensor that you want to replace the battery in, and squeeze both sides of it to open. The battery is located on a green circuit board inside the bigger piece of the contact. Slide the old battery out and slide the new one in. Make sure your battery is in correct and close it up till it’s flush.

To make sure your batteries are installed correctly go to your alarm system and press the status button. It will announce if there are any issues, and if so what exactly the issue is. If your system says, “system ok”, then that means all is well with your alarm system.

*Remember to dispose of batteries correctly, and according to your local laws. Respect the environment.

*If you need to order batteries from Protect America, please contact our service department to place an order. 1-800-951-5111 Option *2