You’ve been savvy enough to invest in a quality home-alarm security system, but that doesn’t mean you ever want to hear it go off. Break-in, home invasion, fire … all scenarios you decidedly don’t want to think about as a homeowner. But sometimes that alarm system will sound regardless, even when you’re almost sure there’s no good reason. When that happens, it’s good to have a plan in place. At we’ve compiled a little advice to help you address the issue with little or no panic involved. 


Step One: Don’t Automatically Assume There’s No Threat

Your home alarm just tripped, and there’s no stranger standing in your living room. There’s no broken glass on your kitchen floor, and none of your doors are standing open. It’s probably safe to assume you’re safe, right?

Not necessarily. Even if you’re almost certain that it’s just a fluke, you should never turn off a tripped alarm until you know there’s no threat. It’s not unheard-of for intruders to trip your alarm on purpose, enter your home, then wait until you’ve deactivated the system or called off the alarm company before making their presence known. 

Step Two: Track Down the Source of the Problem

Not sure where the false alarm generated? Talk with your alarm company. They should be able to tell you exactly which alarmed area was tripped. Was it the kitchen door, the bathroom window or the garage entrance? Once you know where the problem lies, it’s easy enough to do a quick inspection to find out what triggered the snafu. It could be something so simple as heat or air ruffling the pages of a calendar on the wall that caused the problem — especially if your home is equipped with motion sensors. 

Step Three: Talk With Your Home Security Installation Expert

When it’s all said and done and your heart has regained its normal rhythm, it’s time to call up the professional who installed your system and explain what’s happening. This is the person who can help you troubleshoot your alarm so that repeated false alarms don’t keep happening!


Installing a comprehensive home alarm system is an important part of keeping family and belongings safe, but there are other steps you can take as well to discourage intruders. There are also some things you probably shouldn’t do, such as plaster NRA stickers all over your property. According to a survey completed by KGW out of Portland, such things can actually encourage break-ins:

"NRA sticker on car bumpers equals lots of guns to steal …" Said a former burglar who was part of the survey. 

Other ways to protect yourself and your property include:

  • Cutting back shrubs and vegetation that borders doors, windows and walkways. Thieves love front and back entrances that are blocked from neighboring eyes. 
  • Getting a large dog that looks and sounds imposing. Even if he’s just a big, fat people-pleaser with the discipline of a wayward puppy, a large dog is a deterrent to most burglars. 
  • Keeping a light on in the house when you’re not home and keeping a car parked in the drive. Most run-of-the-mill burglars will avoid a home they think is occupied. 

Use these tips to help keep your home safe, and when you’re ready to have a monitored home security system installed, or if you’re interested in upgrading the security system you currently have, give Protect America a call today for a free quote.