Having a home security system should be a necessity in today’s world. Without a security system, you put your family and property at risk. In fact, homes are 300% more likely to be burglarized if they don’t have alarms, according to Alarms.org. When getting a home security system, one of the questions customers have on their mind is if they need a phone line. Since many people don’t have a landline these days, they may be wondering about their options when it comes to securing their home. Don’t worry; there are options for home security systems without phone lines!

With today’s technology, there are more options available than ever before. Traditional systems work with your phone line where, if the alarm is triggered, a monitoring center is alerted by using the home telephone.

How do these systems work without a phone line?

The types of security systems without landlines use cellular technology in order to communicate with the monitoring center. Many security systems have typically relied on a landline, but with many homeowners relying on cell phones, companies are making it so that there are options available and offer cellular technology as a stand-alone system, instead of just a backup. These systems were usually only secondary in case the landline was cut during an intrusion or other failure.

Now, wireless monitoring provides 24/7 security to your and your family using similar technology to cell phones.

The cellular technology works by using the cell phone towers that are near the home or, if there aren’t decent cell phone towers near the property, one can be installed on the property.

Cellular monitoring should not be confused with cell phones. It’s doesn’t rely on cell phones for communication, it just relies on the same technology as cell phones do to communicate. The cellular monitoring is a much more direct link to the central station and helps create more reliable communication.

Benefits of a security system using cellular technology linked to cell phones:

  • Text Alerts
  • Remote Access to Your System
  • Home Automation Features
  • Remote Control of Lights, Locks, and Thermostats
  • No Need to Worry about Outages of Internet Connection or Power
  • More Reliable
  • Lower Cost: You Can Eliminate Your Landline Phone Bill!
  • Added Video Services and Video Monitoring

Benefits of Monitored Security Systems

Even without a landline, it’s still important to have a monitored home security system as opposed to a non-monitored system. Monitored systems provide many more benefits over just standalone systems with an alarm. Monitored systems allow you to keep tabs on the home from everywhere, along with many automation features that can help customers control homes.
It’s possible to find the right equipment you need for a monitored security system from a reputable security system and it’s possible to do installation on your own. When looking for a system, there are a few questions you should ask.

Questions to Ask about Security Systems

Learn if the system includes motion detection for devices or windows. If it does, the system can send text alerts to you when a door or window is opened, depending on your preferences. Is there a backup of data from cameras or monitoring? If there is video recording, customers are able to catch something should there be an issue.

Will there be assistance with installation? Many companies charge an installation fee, but customers may be able to install the system themselves with a customer service representative over the phone. Is there help in case of an emergency? If there is a burglary or other emergency, many customers find comfort in the fact that there will be a security professional available to assist them.

If a customer already has a system with a landline, they may be able to retrofit their system and keep the equipment they already have, or upgrade the system to include the new communication hardware with new equipment. If customers have a current security system, they won’t notice a change in their services with cellular technology. Regardless of the communication method, authorities will be called if there is an emergency and customers will get the help they need. Visit Protect America to learn more about security systems that don’t require a landline.